Chip's father Esh

Chip's mother Do It

Health reports:

All Zet Chip In For The Win

Pedigree name:

All Zet Chip In For The Win



Date of birth:





Kennel All Zet - Jane Elene Christensen


55,5 cm


20 kg






Clear as puppy 


Normal by parents


Normal by parents
Normal by parents
Normal by parents
Normal by parents


About Chip

Chip is a super nice dog. In agility he is the easiest dog I have ever trained. Because he does not live with me I only trained him between 2-4 times a month from the age of 6 months. Because of the not so regular training I have not been able to train as much with shaping as I usually do, but it has absolutely not been a problem for Chip. He learns so super fast, and he has a great will to do things right. More or less everytime we have a mistake I know it is my fault. He has great self control and it has been easy to teach him to stay. He is very carefull about knocking bars and he has a naturally very good jumping technique.

Only 10 months after his debut he got his Agility Champion Title and he qualified for the National Team to represent Denmark at the Nordic Championships.

He is good with other dogs. He looks like a real male dog and likes to look at the ladies, but he is not a trouble maker. I have seen several episodes with male dogs having a go at him and he came running to me everytime. If he gets scared of something he gets over it really quickly and he feels like superman when he realises that he got over his fear. He is easy to travel with... He just settles in right away in hotel etc. 

He loves to play ball and comes back with the ball for you to trow right away. He also loves to tug, and lets go as soon as you ask him to. He has a fun game though... He really likes to play that he is super fast and that you can not get the toy away from him... He will run around you looking all proud of him self. But as soon as you ask him to give you the toy he will come with it right away.

He likes people,but he is definetly mostly interested in the people he nows unless he can pursuade you to throw a ball... Then you are his new best friend. He is absolutely amazing with children, he looks calm and relaxed around them always. He likes to cuddle and sit on your lap. He only thinks he is a small dog :).

He has no resource defence regarding food or toys. He even tries to give the toy to the other dogs so the can play together. 

He never had any injuries. And he is perfectly healthy.

Chip's amazing family 

Will be updated soon...

Chip's family in agility

Chisu - Chips's aunt
Batman - Chip's uncle
Stig x Sonny
20 months old
Sunny - Chip's uncle
Stig x Sonny
20 months old
Style - Chip's aunt
Stig x Sonny
20 months old
Ivy -Chip's aunt
Witch x Sonny
First competition 15 months old
Ikea - Chip's aunt
Witch x Sonny
20 months old

Plans for the future
Chip will live with my sister Susanne and her husband Frederik and I will train agility with him. 

If Chip is suitable for breeding he will be available for approved bitches.

Chip's Pedigree

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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