28th Of October
D litter - Week 7
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21st Of October
D litter - Week 6
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18th Of October
Chip has a date with Dizzy
Yay... We were extremely lucky that Dizzy started her heat just after the Agility World Championships, so we could proceed with the litter plans. 

Dizzy and Chip likes each other immediately and we are happy to say that puppies are expected just before chritsmas. I am so curious to see his puppies. Both Dizzy and Chip are very easy to work with, so I expect that theese puppies will super nice.

I have made a litter presentation page... Go and check it out... 
14th Of October
D litter - Week 5
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7th Of October
D litter - Week 4
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30th Of September
D litter - Week 3
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23rd Of September
D litter - Week 2
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16th Of September
D litter - Week 1
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10th Of September
Do It had 9 puppies
The D litter is here... 3 days early. Do It gave birth to 9 puppies. 4 boys and 5 girls.

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3rd Of September
The Danish Championships
Super weekend at the Danish Championships. Chip is just an awesome dog. We had flow in every single run and we were lucky to win gold with our super team... thanks to my team mates CarstenKimAnn-Britt og Morten I am happy you wanted me on the team.
In the individual competition we already lost on day one with a weave mistake, but the feeling running this dog means more than anything... but let's just say... I'll be back .

Chips runs from the Danish Championships:

13th Of August
The Nordic Championships

I could not be any happier with our performance at the Nordic Championships. Chip was totally cool as always. I am so impressed by his ability to have a clear mind when we go to the start line no matter how excited he is before the run. And he just gets better when I push him... I love running with him.

We had one misunderstanding in each run costing us time and 2 refusals... I think he did so well and I only hope we get a chance to do even better in the future with some more training. You can always regret not doing better, but I really feel I did my best and Chip as well, so this was how far we have come at this point. We ended on a combined 9th place... I am super happy with this young boy... mostly just because I go to the start line with such a happy and honest dog.

Thank you Andreas Silfverberg and Veronika Herendy for super courses.

Thank you to the Danish Team for cheering... It makes it all so much more fun. Thanks to Sarah, Silje and Pia for the road trip. Thanks to supporter no. 1 Susanne for coming.

Big congrats to The Danish large team winning the gold, small and medium team for winning bronze, to Poul for the individual large bronze and to Channie for the agility win.

Chips Runs from NM: 

11th Of August
Two ways of handling one course
Last training before the Nordic Championships was on a really nice course designed by Jan Egil Eide, that I watched at Moravia Open. Lots of different handling options, so I ran the course in two completely different ways to test some handling. Chip was perfect as usual.

9th Of August
Do It is pregnant
Yay... we have puppies coming đŸ˜. And a good size litter as well. All looked super healthy. Yes! It is fantastic to have such an easy dog to breed. Go Do It! Super mamma!!
16th Of Juli
Do It was mated with Hash
Friday the 7th of July I drove the long way to Czech Republic to get Do It mated. Hash lives in Poland but just that weekend he was in Czech Republic to participate in Moravia Open. Also a lot of his siblings and half siblings was there, so it was really cool to watch them in competition. They have such an increadible talent all of them. Do It and Hash mated alreday at the first meeting. Hash really knows what to do! 
To be sure we did not do the matinf to early I drove to Poland to get some blood tests done. They showed she was mated a bit early, so I had to stay a few days in Poland.

I was lucky to train together with Hash's owner Ola and his breeder Joanna, and I got to run with Hash. He is very powerful... and so much like Do It in many ways. The puppies from this combination will be super powerful! Hash is really nice... He is friendly, outgoing and cuddly :).

Unfortunately it was near impossible to get a good picture of Do It and Hash together.
30th Of June
D litter presentation video
I made a video of the near family of the upcoming litter. It contains video of Do It, Hash, Do It and Hash's siblings and Do It's puppies in agility.

Such amazing talent! Enjoy!

19th Of June
I was not planning to breed Do It just now... But when my job allowed me to get one year off and I calculated that if I breed her in her upcoming season puppies will be born in the beginning of September, it just kind of felt like it was meant to be... So... Puppies are planned in beginning of September, yay. What better way of starting one year of from work than to look at cute puppies for two months. 

The lucky father will be Why Not Hash My Queen and you can read all about Hash and the upcoming litter by clicking the photo.
17th Of June
Chip is qualified for the Nordic Championships

Today I reached this years dream goal with Chip... we are qualified for the Nordic Championships đŸ’–. So proud of him for doing such a great job only 2 1/2 years old.

On the last day of tryouts we did not have enough luck to go even higher on the list, but Chip was super nice... I am so happy with him.
Super dude!

4th Of June
Do It is now Swedish Agility & Jumping Champion

A rainy day ended up feeling like pure sunshine.

Today we were in Sweeden at the international agility competition in Hässleholm. I started out badly with both dogs... Chip was a bit naughty again and Do It a bit crazy. But I ended the day with 4 clean runs. 

In jumping Do It was 2nd and Chip 3rd and Do It won a Sweedish certificate and became a Sweedish Jumping Champion. 

In agility Do It won and Chip was 2nd... Do It won the certificate and the CACIAG and earned the title Sweedish Agility Champion. In the class Do It and Chip was the only dogs who had a clear round. The course was designed by AWC judge 2018 Nicolas Renaud.

Wauw... I am so proud of the two of them... sorry to Chip that Do It stole his titles.

Thanks to Hässleholm Hundungdom for a great competition with world class judges and courses. We got a taste of AWC 2018 running courses from Nicolas Renaud and Andreas Silfverberg... and I feel sure AWC 2018 will be amazing!!!
13th Of June
Time to be proud of ME!

Normally I mostly brag about my dogs... but I am actually realising that I can be proud of my own performance lately as well. I had the best season so far in my 21 years of doing agility.

In 2 months and 2 days I won 10 certificates and one CACIAG... and I earned 5 champion titles including my first titles abroad. 
Chip earned his first champion title after just 10 months of competing (and the least training of any of my dogs).
Both dogs qualified for WAO, would have qualified for EO (choose not to go), Chip qualified for the Danish Championships in just 2 weekends... and the AWC will soon be decided.

This is likely something I will never try again, so I will just take a minute to be super proud of my self .

And I still could not do It with out my awesome dogs đŸ˜.

27th Of May
Do It earns Jumping Champion title and Chip wins Agility Champion title

At the competition in Viby Do It won her last agility certificate and got the title Danish Agility Champion. Sweet Chip won two agility certificates and just one day after his mother he erned the title Danish Agility Champion as well. 

23rd Of May
Full time agility instructor from 1st of September


I have gotten 1 year leave of absence from my work from the 1st of September!!!

I so enjoy teaching agility and having met so many amazing people at seminars abroad, but it came to a point where it was too much with both my normal job and weekly teaching and travelling for seminars, that I had to think hard about, what I wanted for the future. After a lot of thought I decided to ask my job for the possibility for 1 year off from work to dedicate all of my time for teaching, and for spending more time with my own dogs and my family.

I have had a lot of requests for seminars, but did not have the possibility to say yes to everyone, but now I hope to make some more people happy. So… If you are interested in a seminar with me, please get in touch. I hope to be able to make a European Tour as well as an American Tour at one point during the year.

Exciting times ahead… Everything is open… I am ready!!!

22nd Of May
World Agility Open

Do It was an absolute super star at the World Agility Open!!! Just one week before I did not trust our connecting, but somehow it all changed at WAO. She nailed all weave entries, she stayed connected with me 99% of the time... Did not go to off course tunnels... even bypasing tunnels in high speed in Snooker... And for people who know her knows how difficult that is for her!!! Only two general problems that we need to fix... train more on the wall jump and contacts in high arrousal. 
That includes me... I get so excited about running at such an event, that I run a bit faster than what she is used to, so I have to train a bit more in high intensity. Do It was such a gift to run!!! LOVE her like that!!!

I was super proud to qualify for all the finals at WAO with her... something I would have never thought possible in an event like penthatlon... or games for that matter since I have NEVER tried it before.

Love, love, love this dog!

Do It's runs from WAO

Chip was also super at the World Agility Open.

He was a tiny bit wilder than I am used to, so I see now that I am a bit late in my handling with him... Only a possitive thing that he is trying to be faster... I just need to get used to it . The added speed also caused some problem with the weaves, but I am sure he will soon be super. But overall he was a very good young boy at such a big event.

Chip's runs from WAO
15th Of May
Do It earns the Agility Champion Title. Chip qualified for National Championships.
Ended the weekend at the competition with a super nice day.

Chip had two clean runs in the 2nd World Team Tryouts and won the jumping course (+ his 2nd jumping certificate) and got a 6th place in the agility run... giving us nice point towards being on the national team. He was the best overall class 3 dog Sunday and he got the last qualifying points to go to the National Championships. Super Chip... I feel so ready for WAO with him!

Chip's runs
Do It is getting more and more controllable... Still some way to go, but she was even so polite that she took a refusal in the jumping run on my decell que, which have NEVER happened before... So even though it cost us points for the national team, I was actually super happy with her. She had a great agility run and got a 3rd place and won her last agility certificate earning her the title of Danish Agility Champion.
Do It's Agility Champion Title win
8th Of May
Seminar with Tobias Wüst and Daniel Schröder
Maybe you are getting tired about hearing about mr. perfect Chip, but I will never get tired of this guy. He was running at the seminar with Tobias Wüst and Daniel Schröder and he was a superman!!! He did handling way above his level and really got to test his weave skills which is still one of his weaker points. This dog is just sooo easy... Love it!
Chip - Tobias & Daniel seminar
Little miss speedy Gonzales . Really good to try some advanced courses. Do It was a bit more crazy than average, but we got some good sequences as well. I got a run for my money for sure.
Do It - Tobias and Daniel seminar
22nd Of April
Chip win one Jumping and one Agility Certificate
Chip is again super duper fantastic on our first outdoors competition. 2 of 3 clean runs... only one weave mistake (my fault) from all clean runs today. And best of all we got two 2nd places close in times to the winner and won a jumping and an agility certificate!!! OMG... He has overtaken Do It really soon. 
Do It was quite good as well... We had a bit of a discussion about the seesaw... She knows the faster way of doing it . A really good jumping run with one bar and the usual disc in the last run as she see obstacles very far away. But again... lots of things are really, really good... and we are slowly going in the right direction.
17th Of April
Such an awesome young dog Chip is... Only our 2nd A3 competition and with courses designed by some of the worlds top judges that is above what we are training. He did weave challanges we have never ever tried before and he totally impressed me! Chip was his usual awesome self... he had 5 out of 9 clean runs and would have had more if not for me. He continious to put on more and more speed and our best placement was a 3rd place from 113 dogs on (in my oppinion) the most difficult course on the entire competition designed by Tamás Tráj. We earned a golden ticket to the finals and Chip was again a super star... He gave everything... and ended up on 5th place. Sooo proud of him. I am sure he could do even better if I was not in such bad shape... you can see in many of the runs that I can almost not even run the last few obstacles.
Chip Gåsahoppet
I did a lot of brain work with Do It this winter... It seems that a lot is working, but we still have some way to go with her over arousal and self control... But compared to one year ago we have come so far... and her brilliant moments are truely brilliant. And of course I need to get faster for her as well... My super dog . No clean runs at Gåsahoppet, but some close ones.
Do It Gåsahoppet
2nd Of April
Do It wins an agility certificate
At the competition in Viborg Do It won her 2nd agility certificate. 
26th Of March
Which way is the fastest

- 4 paths, 9 handling choises.

A bit of a long video... but it was interesting to compare handling choises in this small sequence, that had so many different options. Handling two dogs on the sequence gave an extra dimmension to the conclusion.

Which one do you think is fastest?

And can you maybe come up with even better handling solutions?


5th Of March
Chip and Do It qualified for WAO

Video from the WAO tryouts. Both dogs qualified for WAO... YAY. 
It will be my first time at this event... Looking very much forward to it .

Three clean runs from Do It. One clean, one 5 faults and one E from Chip... All my faults.

The surface was hard and uneven to run on so I was a bit afraid of falling or twisting my bad ankle in the first runs... but I got a hang of the surface better and better. I was also feeling really sick the whole day... So I did not really push speed... Sorry in advance Tereza, ha, ha 

Do It was a bit naughty in the first run, but we made it through. In the two last runs she was absolutely super! Unfortunately we do not have her best run on film .

Chip was a total rock star... Only my faults!!!

Chip & Do It - WAO tryouts
31st Of January
Tereza Králová seminar
I was lucky enough to have Tereza Králová here. I participated with both Chip and Do It and they were so amazing both of them. 

Do It: https://youtu.be/aK6cRiygvgY

Chip: https://youtu.be/IPQaSSh2w-w
16th Of January
Chip goes A3
Chip is such a good boy... Moved to A3 at the age of just a bit more than 2 years, with limited training and competing. This competition was after 4 weeks training break... we only had one training before this competition. He keeps beeing super sweet!!! The easiest dog I have ever trained! I was running a bit boring in the first runs, but gave it all I had in the last run... It shows. I have to remember that this great guy can handle the pressure... I so love running like that, but I have been used to dogs who are a bit more crazy than him. We will get better ... And for sure we will have fun all the way.


16th Of September
D litter - Week 1
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