The puppies are doing great. They are now 2 days old. Jiggy is getting more and more relaxed with the puppies. To begin with she was really afraid of lying down in the whelping box because she was afraid to lie on the puppies. Now she is much better at getting in the box lying close to the puppies without squeezing them. Jiggy sometimes leave the box but comes running back if they makes the slightest sound.


Yesterday we were at the vet and all the puppies was perfect and full of life. The vet said that the puppies were to cheap with such great parents ;o)... He is a big fan of Jiggy.


One puppy is weighing the same as when they were born the rest has gained weight. I would be surprised if they did not gain in weight, because they eat all the time. You actually have to lucky to get a moment where they all sleep at the same time.


The new owners will decide the pedigree name and call name of the puppies, but instead of calling the puppies numbers until it is decided which puppy goes where, Heidi and I have found names for them. The puppies are called One, Piccolina, Trix, Pil, Tizzle, Jigsaw and Seven. At the puppy page I have put individual pictures of the puppies so you are able to tell them apart. The girls all only have a dot of white on the neck and a little white in the face while the boys all have more white on the neck and in the face. There is also some pictures from the birth, but not to many as everything went so fast.

One week old: The puppies are doing so great. They are gaining weight and they are full of life. The first 3-4 days they were eating all the time, but it seems that the milk production has raised so they get a proper meal each time now, so the sleep a lot more. They say sweet funny noises all the time when they sleep. Jiggy is spending less time with the puppies now, but she is still very caring of them. Yesterday Heidi and trimmed their nails... impressive how long they get in such a short time. We have also started early neurological stimulation. The puppies sometimes do not like it but often it is really dependent on what time you take the puppies. If we try doing it when they are hungry they do not like it at all and if they are tired they rarely say anything.They puppies are making their first attempts to walk... So cute. In the video below you can see Tug having his first go.

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