The 13th of August I have had an ultrsound made on Jiggy to se how the puppies are doing. We could see at least 6 puppies, but the vet was sure that there where more puppies hiding, because they where lying very close together. Hope to get 7-8 puppies. They were very equal in size and all looked healthy. They where so cute!!! So nice to know that everything is ok.

22nd of August. Weeee.... It is getting more and more real! Today I sat down with Jiggy and put my hand on her stomach. I was trying to see if I could feel the puppies kicking, but I did not expect to feel them so soon... But I did. They did not kick very hard, but they actually kicked a lot, and in lots of different places in Jiggy's stomach. Her mammary glands has also started developing. 2½ weeks left!!! I have also bought some vinyl sheet flooring and I have put in the area where the puppies will stay. It looks great I think... And it is making things feel so real!

28th of August. Jiggy is now weighing 16 kg - which means that she has gained 2,3 kg. She is getting huge! I have removed the hair from her belly, so the puppies can find the milk bar. I have been able to feel the puppies for about 1 week, but now I am able to see them move around as well. There is some real action going on in there. I have been filming her belly today... It is easier to see the movements live but you can see some movements in the video. Jiggy is still doing fine... She feels the limitations of the gained weight and the missing energy, but she seems happy and content.

2nd of September. I have to say it again: Jiggy is getting huge! If I did not know when the mating happened I would think that she was ready for delivery now! The puppies are kicking like mad! Jiggy has gained more than 3 kg and she is not fat! I have stopped taking the long walks with her. She is like an old lady stopping to look at shop windows to get a rest. I have to call her often because she is just sniffing around and eating grass all the time to get an excuse to stand still.

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