The birth of Jiggy's puppies seems to be happening today. Jiggy's temperature dropped last night and I expect the birth to start this afternoon or evening. Jiggy is starting to become a little restless. The birth will be broadcasted live from my webcam, so stay tuned.

The night after the temperature dropped Jiggy had trouble finding peace and I were up several times. In the morning she was quite calm. Around 12.30 she started becoming more and more agitated and started digging in her whelping box. About 14.00 she started her first small labors and the water broke at 14.35. At 14.48 we could see the first puppy trying to find its way out. Jiggy turned and laid on her back and the first puppy and black and white male was born at 14.58. Two minutes later at 15.00 the next puppy a black and white bitch arrived. Wow things were going very quickly... but before we knew it Puppy number 3 was born at 15.03. The third puppy was at black and white female... very similar to the first female. We had a bit of trouble to tell them apart. Jiggy had not had the chance to lick the puppies in between the deliveries, so when she got a little break she was presented with 3 puppies. She licked them perfectly and was very interested in them. I had cut the umbilical cords because things went so fast.


16 minutes at 15.19 the 4th puppy, a black and white bitch was born. Again it looked just like the two other bitches. At 15.34 a tricolor male was borne and at 15.42 a black and white bitch was borne. The first 6 puppies were born in just 45 minutes... That was really easy! I felt Jiggy's stomach and was quite sure that she would have at least one more puppy. After 1½ hour Jiggy started having contractions again and at 17.31 a big black and white male was borne.


All the puppies were really energetic and full of life right from the start. Especially the girls were fast... some of them started sucking my finger or their front legs while their behind was still inside Jiggy! They all started sucking milk from Jiggy straight away.


Jiggy was really amazing through it all. She was quite calm and did everything just right.

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