This last week has been full of development. In the beginning of the week their eyes opened and Thursday was the first day that I discovered that the puppies could hear. Saturday was the first day out of the box, their first meal and their first bath. Today I have felt that the puppies' teeth are starting to emerge. I play the sound cd about once a day and the puppies couldn't care less... Really nice that Jiggy has no problem with the noises either. Only Yatzi is not too happy, but she gets a lot dog biscuits and praise, and the practise is good for her.

Yesterday I rearranged the puppy pen so now the puppies can now decide for them selves I they want to be in the box or not - But they are much better at getting out of the box than back in again.

It is very hard to tell anything individually about the puppies as they are so much alike. They are all very curious and were exploring the whole puppy pen at their first day out. They like the contact to people and crawls on my lap when I sit in the puppy pen with them. They like to chew on my fingers, my nose and my clothes. They also give quite a lot of kisses.

It is also very hard to tell anything about coat length at this point in time. I think that Tug will end up with a long coat but the rest I am not sure of.

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