The puppies are just so cute now. They play a lot and have really become aware of the surroundings by now. They have been in the garden for some days now and they have been curious from day one. Unfortunately it is a bit cold, but they are getting more and more used to it.

The puppies have had their first visit from kids, and both puppies and children were happy.

I am starting to get an idea of the coat length by now... This is my guess by now: Long coat: Tug, Jazzie, Zoya and Strafe. Short coat: Wink, See Me and Flex.

I have removed the whelping box from the puppy pen and placed a crate instead. The puppies think that the crate is a great new playground and it is great for me to be able to lock them away for a short period of time, when I clean the puppy pen.

The puppies are starting to show more personality, but they are still very much alike... I would not know which one to keep for myself... I would keep them all. I am really falling in love with the puppies and I think it will be very difficult to say goodbye to my babies.






See Me

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