The puppies are now 6 weeks old. They are getting really active by now, and they can be awake for up to 2 hours. They do not sleep as tightly as before either... If they have been asleep for 10 minutes and I open the door, they are ready for a second round. They spend a lot of their time awake in the garden, where they now have examined every corner. They like running a lot and sometimes they take a run along the fence around the whole garden.

They have discovered that it is really funny to pull my trouser legs... Especially Flex and Jazzie enjoy this. Actually they are sometimes little monsters... It is not always easy keeping up with seven puppies with sharp teeth and too much energy... Ouch!

They are still getting visits from other dogs and children and they are starting to notice if it is a dog they do not know. They are much more careful with new dogs, but are still very interested in getting in contact with the new dog.

Yesterday I tried to clicker train the puppies for the first time and they actually responded very well. Very clever puppies. In the 6 week video I have filmed a small clicker training session from Tuesday... They are just such good puppies.






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