The puppies are almost grown up... or so it seems. They run and play all day and they are big enough to experience things outside the house now. This past week has included their first walk outside the house. Friday we were in a nearby forest and we took the puppies in a cage and carried the cage a few hundred meters in the forest and let them out. They all went out of the cage pretty fast and they started sniffing and sniffing... Wow... they thought it was very interesting. Within a few minutes they started running around following Jiggy and us pretty good. At one point a horse and rider appeared. Heidi, Heidi's friend and I grapped two puppies each... meaning that one puppy was still one the ground... that was Piccolina. We walked away from the trail and in to the forest. When the horse was in front of us the horse and rider stopped to talk... and Jazzie thought that that was very interesting so she started running towards the horse... Argh ;o). Luckily she stopped half way and came back... Brave little puppy ;o).

Sunday we took the puppies to the beach. They looked like they had been there before. They all just followed perfectly and some of them even got their toes wet ;o).

I have also started taking them on small walks in the neighborhood. I take two puppies at a time and try to get them used to the leash... They do not like the leash at this moment.

The puppies have also begun to ask to go outside the garden when they have to go, but they still are not completely housetrained... I just hope that the fundamentals are ok, so the new owners will have an easy job housetraining the puppies.

In the video you can see the puppies in the forest and a rare moment where Yatzi is playing with Flex... This is the only time we have seen Yatzi being interested in playing with a puppy.






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