This past week the puppies have been for more walks out the house, and have had more clicker training. They are a great bunch. Sunday Lone Sommer was here to do a puppy test, and it went really well. None of the puppies reacted in any extreme way and did most of the exercises as you could wish for. The test was in a room they had never been in before and they were a little cautious at first when they got in the room, but ended up being ok with the room throughout the test. They were all interested in fetching a curled up paper and most of them came back with the paper with little or no encouragement. They had a great response to sound. All stopped and after a little while went to see what made the noise. So overall I am pretty satisfied with their reactions. Thank you so much Lone for making the test... You did a great job.

Yesterday the puppies were at the vet to get chipped, vaccinated, health checked and eye examined, the vet had only good things to say about the puppies in the physical examination and all the boys have two testicles. I was in the room where they got health checked and afterwards they went to another room were my sister held the puppies when they were eye examined and the puppies behaved great. The vet really wanted to get one of the puppies ;o).

To my big surprise and regret the eye examination was not clear on all puppies. I felt so sure that there would be no problems so when I got the word that there was a problem, I was heartbroken! Jazziehas small signs of cataract on her right eye. The vet was not able to tell if is developed because of an injury or a bacteria or if it is inherited. Jazzie needs to be eye examined in 6 month to determine if it is inherited or not. If the changes in her eye has not developed it is not inherited and she will have no problems with her eye sight. If she has changes on her left eye in 6 month it is inherited and it is unknown how it will affect her eye sight. I have read that it might be possible to operate if everything goes wrong, but let's not hope it will come to that.

See Me had a small "dot" on one of her eyes, but the vet said that it is not inherited and that it would never develop and more likely disappear with time. The "dot" will have no influence on See Me's eye sight.

I am so sad right now. Six of the puppies are great and have no problems, but it is just so sad to have the insecurity if I have "made" a puppy that might have problems later in life. Luckily Jazzie have no idea that something is not perfect... She is happy as always.

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See Me

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