All Zet A Wink And A Nod

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All Zet A Wink And A Nod

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Sharyl Kammerzell


Kennel All Zet


47 cm


12,2 kg


OFA good



OFA normal

Clear as puppy


DNA normal


DNA normal

Wink is doing awesome - what else is new. Everyone, even non-doggie people, loves her. Her agility training is progressing slowly due to me, but her days are full. We either hike or run daily, and try to get in some sort of training as well, mostly goofy fun stuff. She has seen a BIG moose - photo attached right here in our yard, learned how to kayak and has figured out running in her harness. On the agility course she is very fast and has a great time, but we need to work on keeping jumps up. We also tried herding, she preferred herding the other border collie that was supposed to be her example. Towards the end she began to think maybe the sheep might be interesting and we intend to give it another try in the near future. I do not have any agility videos worth sharing, but here are a few pictures of her boating and kayaking from a few weeks ago :-) She loves the water and was a natural in the kayak. Jumped right in, sat calmly, and jumped out and walked along the top of the kayak to the beach when we landed. Likewise when we took off again she came running, hopped up on the kayak ran along the top and jumped into her seat and off we went. She is such a fun dog! Thank you a million times over for her!!! Her height and weight have not changed since last time around, she is still a little girl and I love her size.
Sharyl and Wink

1 year update:
What more can we say, Wink is awesome, happy, friendly, smart, biddable, healthy, funny and very very cute.  With all of that we would think she was the best ever even if she did not like agility. But she in fact loves agility and is developing a growl while running handling exercises and trying to go yet faster. Our training is coming along, will soon start putting actual jump bars up and have just started some contact training. Hopefully we will get a good start on weave training this fall. She has had lots of proprioceptive and balance training with all of the hiking and play we have done and is, not surprisingly, very athletic - but still sometimes does not look where she is going, though she manages to mostly land on her feet.
See the latest pictures here:

New photos in Wink's album

9 month update:
Wink is doing great, fun as ever and she is the new favorite dog of my family members when we visit.  :-) I am not telling the other dogs though. We were at an agility trial last weekend and Wink had a blast playing with some other border collie puppies destined for agility, one was just 1 year old, then Wink at 8.5 months, then a 5 month old pup, all girls and they all played great together. Training wise she is coming along great. Learns very fast (as in learned to go around the back side of a jump in two tries), had a short period of puppy independence, but that seems to be gone, and she is learning to love agility. At trials she still is too excited and single minded to hang out next to the ring, but her threshold level is getting closer and closer. Wink has started her first heat, so just a bit behind her sisters.
New pictures here:

We finally !! had some decent weather so I took some video today of Wink actually doing some agility training :-), and then our post training walk/play in the fields and swimming in the ponds.  It should be up on youtube.  Wink LOVES to swim, she will swim just for the fun of it.  And Panache and Bandit are happy enough to have her go get the ball for them.  They both swim but prefer not to unless it is hot.  The ponds are full of spring thaw, so they are pretty brown right now, but full, so that is good.  Wink is doing great.  I left in the bit where she grabbed my hand (you will hear me say Ouch), just because I think it shows how great she is to train.  That was the first time she has ever grabbed for me during training, one loud ouch, one lesser ouch and that was it, she got the message and did not do it again after that.  She is such a good girl and as you can see, very keen and responsive and will have plenty of speed.  Thanks again, we love her.

New pctures in Wink's album

6 month update. Wink now weighs 11,8 kg and is 47 cm tall. 

Greeting from Wink and Sharyl:
Like all of her littermates, Wink is doing great.  We call her our "happy scrappy hero puppy" and it fits her perfectly.  She does not know that she is about half the weight of the other dogs in the house and she is afraid of nothing, except our orange kitty. Not much agility training going on other than some basics, but she is great at hiking, snowshoeing and digging, and is very fast when running with the big dogs :-). She loves to vocalize and has a funny voice and wiggle for almost every occasion, and she also loves all and any kind of different noise and will come running to check out any kind of silly new noise. 
Sharyl and Wink

Sharyl is sending me tons of pictures... Love it ;). See them in Wink's photo album.

Wink looks great. Sharyl live in some amazing nature, so Wink is hiking in the forest and doing puppy agility on logs etc.

Sledding New Year's Eve


Wink is doing great, though probably not nearly as advanced as her littermates in actual training and no elephant tricks! Although she has a "high five" wave.  She is a very quick learner and offers behaviors almost faster than I can mark, especially if I have turkey or beef liver, and I am sure there are many more foods out there that she will learn to love. She likes her food! When I have food that is less exciting she definitely lets me know. She gets very excited for her meals, and runs to her "spot," which is next to a door, with so much speed that she actually uses the door to help her stop. She has become very good at waiting for the "ok" to eat and naturally waits in a sit. Training wise we have spent lots of time playing, she loves to tug, has a good release already and retrieves her special tug toy with great vigor, speed and a pounce at the end, and then runs back to play some more. Last night I started some crate games type training and she figured out the game so fast that I had trouble getting her to come out of her crate! Very funny puppy.


She weighs about 18 pounds (8 kg) (22nd of december). I have not measured her, but she also has the leggy/colt type look, which is exactly what I was hoping for. She has settled in very well with our crew. My 13 year old tervuren appreciates having all of the toys out and about again, and tolerates just enough of puppy play. Bandit, my 6 year old mix is Wink's hero and she follows him everywhere, watching and doing everything he does. Luckily, I think he is a great dog and so am happy for her to copy him. Every morning they have a long play session in the living room while I sit on the couch with Panache, my 5 year old tervuren girl and hot pack her shoulder - she had surgery on her supraspinatus tendon about 6 weeks ago and the recovery is not going well :-(. Wink would love to play with Panache and Panache would like to be able to play but her current pain keeps her from doing anything.


Wink and the cats have reached an understanding, she knows they are aliens and they know that she is here to stay. One of our cats comes running and joins the dog crew at the sound of a clicker, so I have been working on getting the cat and Wink to jump in and sit in the cardboard box at the same time - not sure if we will get there but it keeps all of us entertained. Early on, Wink's love of food caused her to snap at my old boy when all of the dogs were getting a treat at the same time and she nicked his nose.  Interestingly she has only done this with my old dog, and shown zero inclination to do so with my other two. She was told in definite terms that nicking the old dog is not acceptable and she has been very good since then, and rewarded for her good behavior, and I have seen her making the choice to act appropriately, even when her eyes and body language tell me that she is annoyed.  Smart puppy - she generally is quite good reading and responding to other dogs.  And she absolutely loves people, wiggles and squirms to meet anyone new.


And finally, another big thank you to Jane and Heidi for not only a wonderful puppy, but the easiest puppy ever to house train. She has slept through the night in her crate since day one and never complained (I put her crate on my bedside table), and she has only had a few accidents in the house and then only because of my lack of attention.


New pictures in Wink's photo album.

Wink and Flex reunion


I was at a friend's barn yesterday and the dogs were running around and playing while we set a course. Wink on her very own just started running and jumping the jumps - seemingly for the fun of it - luckily they were set for my friend's papillon! From what I saw, she had great form :-). Wink definitely enjoyed the agility atmosphere and today we went to practice again and she very much liked watching other dogs run. Her training is coming along, she learns so very fast. Right now we are focusing on play/fun -- building toy motivation. She has great toy motivation at home, at the agility barn the food won out, luckily she has both and I am quite certain the toy/tug play will increase and win out over food at some point in the future. After all, she is only 12 weeks old! She charms everyone who meets her - and she was so very happy to have a chance to play with a "real" BC this weekend. Barb and I are going to try to get together next weekend -- weather permitting. We definitely will take photos if we do.


Wink has settled in nicely with Sharyl and her family. Especially Bandit is happy that Wink has moved to USA. They play a lot and you can see pictures of them playing in Wink's new photo album. Below you can see two videoes of Wink in her new home ;o)

Wink playing with Bandit

Wink playing with an icecube

Wink is now living in USA together with Sharyl, her husband and three older dogs. Wink will be Sharyl's new agility dog.

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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