All Zet Air Attack Strafe

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All Zet Air Attack Strafe

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Date of birth:



Rosanne DeMascio


Kennel All Zet


52,5 cm


16,5 kg


OFA good



OFA normal

Clear as puppy


DNA normal


DNA normal

I am very proud of Strafe and Rosanne, who together has accomplished so much this past year. He allready has his own little fan club, and I get many people contacting me for puppies because they have met Strafe.

Here is what Rosanne wrote to me:
Hard to believe they are going to be 2 years old so soon. Then again Strafe has acted like an older dog for a long time so sometimes I'm amazed he is only 2 years old! Strafe is a really great dog, he is really well-behaved in the house and loves every dog and every person he meets, including other males. In agility he is coming along wonderfully, before 2 years old he is already qualified for both national events in the USA (USDAA and AKC) and also qualified for World Team Tryouts for next spring 2013. He is a somewhat soft dog, and he tries really hard to be correct, but once he knows how to do something right he turns on the speed. He can turn really tight and is really flexible over the jumps, he is great at going from slow to fast to slow again. He has great structure too!

Just a few of Strafe's great runs from this summer

Wuhuu... Strafe has been at his first trial. He did really well and only got a few minor mistakes... And try looking at that dogwalk... Wauw.

New video of Strafe in agility. He is such a good boy ;o).

New picture of Strafe on the top of this page

1 year update:
I can't believe how fast the year went by! Although Strafe has been so easy to train sometimes it seems like he is much older than that. We have done some work on running contacts and he can run the dogwalk and a low aframe, but I haven't done it in a sequence very much because I don't want him to go so fast he will fall off. He's always been very coordinated and attentive, no matter what we are doing. We have done some handling exercises with low jumps and are slowly starting to raise them now. He is very good at these and seems to remember things we only worked on once, even if it was weeks ago. I am really looking forward to teaching the last few obstacles and doing more sequences and eventually courses with him. I still think he is perfect!

Strafe has not grown much lately, and is still holding at around 37lbs/17kg and 20.5"/52cm. It has been hard to measure him lately because about a month ago he decided the measuring device is a little scary so he crouches down when I try. He is definitely not a "big" male border collie, but I think he is built really well and he is very agile and athletic! He is still very sweet and submissive with people and other dogs, even intact males or grumpy adults. He is very appropriate and gets along with everyone. He did grow quite a lot of hair, and now his nickname at home is "Fluffy"!

New pictures in Strafe's album

9 month update:
Strafe is still doing great, he is very mature and very smart, I call him my "perfect puppy" and I really think and hope he will be one of those dogs who just does everything right from the start, without arguing about it. He learns so quickly I am running out of things to teach him in agility that are appropriate for a puppy, and sometimes I forget how young he is. He learns handling very quickly and once he's learned something, he doesn't forget. He's very confident on all the equipment that I've had him on, and he just loves every person and dog he's met. He travels extremely well, usually sleeping in the car. Most of the border collies I've had went through a period where they got car sick but not him, he is so relaxed he's actually been dreaming several times while I was driving, with twitching feet and little whiney barks and everything!

Some puppy agility training from last week:

Through this link you can see Strafe doing some dogwalk training and trying the tippy board.!/video/video.php?v=1961402164958&comments

Strafe doing some initial dog walk training.  

Strafe doing some "one jump" training.  

Strafe doing some puppy agility.

6 month update. Strafe is now weighing 14 kg and he is 48 cm tall.

Greeting from Strafe and Rosanne:
Strafe is doing great. He doesn't seem interested in chasing cars, although he looks in their direction when they go nearby. He does bark at other dogs doing agility, but if I distract him with toys or food he is ok. So we work on that. He knows how to go through a tunnel and jump wings, and once in a while we do a little bit of handling on 15cm (6 inch) high jumps. He also started learning how to run a flat board on the ground, but we have only done this a few times.  Mostly we work on stays and ground work. He is a very smart puppy!

Strafe is beeing a well behaved puppy and has started some basic agility training. 5 month old Strafe was just about 45 cm tall and weighed about 13 kg.


New pictures in Strafe's photo album


Strafe is doing great, I cannot believe how fast he is growing, he seems huge! He is very sweet and friendly with everyone he meets, including the vet. He was whining and crying in the waiting room at the vet's office because he could hear people talking, and he was wagging his tail at them, but he could not see where they were so he was sad!
Strafe learns very quickly. He knows Sit, Down, and he comes when I call him most of the time. He will stand with his front feet on a box and spin around like the elephant trick Zoya was doing. I started teaching him to heel - walk beside me and then sit - the other day, and he learned it very quickly so we can already do fast little laps around the living room. He gets along well with my other 3 border collies, although my oldest was a little cranky for a few weeks. He really loves to carry things around - when I go for walks he will carry sticks or pine cones or a leaf, anything he finds. He has carried them for 10 minutes or so walking through my neighborhood. It is very cute and funny! He is very good in the house, only a few accidents and he knows to go outside. He sleeps through the night in his crate, and is sleeping on my lap right now as I am writing this! I like how he plays or works hard, then he is very easygoing in the house, and is not busy at all.


Strafe took a few days to settle in and figure out that you have to sleep at night, but it seems that he is settled in now. Strafe is playing with almost all of Rosanne's dogs and especially Seri is a good playmate for Strafe.


Rosanne says: Strafe is very smart, and learns very quickly. He is only a little bit naughty, and he was already jumping on and off my couch by the 2nd day he was home! I think he is a great puppy and is just what I wanted!


There are lots of pictures in Strafe's photo album and below is a short video of strafe playing with his new friend Seri.

Strafe! from Rosanne DeMascio on Vimeo.

Strafe is Rosanne's new agility star. Strafe lives in USA together with Rosanne, Rosannes fiance DJ and her mother Barb. Rosanne have 3 other bordercollies at 4, 6 and 8 years of age. Rosanne have always had a dog but started doing agility at the age of 9.


Rosanne has a long list of achievements, here is what Rosanne wrote to me:

I have the high-level titles, MACH and ADCH. I made the USDAA Grand Prix Finals (one of the big national competitions here in the USA) twice with my first dog, a flat-coated retriever called Dreamer, and 4 times with my current dog Drifter. Drifter won AKC Nationals (the other big national competition) 20" height division in 2010, and was on the US Team for the IFCS championship in 2010 and won a gold medal. I've placed in a lot of National championship classes at both USDAA and AKC Nationals over the years with Drifter and Kiba, and now Seri has placed in a few as well.

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