All Zet And See Me

Pedigree name:

All Zet And See Me

Call name:


See Me


Date of birth:



Dorthe Johnsen


Kennel All Zet


49 cm


13,5 kg 






Clear as puppy


DNA normal


DNA normal
DNA Normal

See Me is doing fine. She has just started her 3rd season. There is no change in her behavior during her seasons. See Me is never sick, rarely a has a back stomach, her coat is nice and shiny and she has nice clean teeth.
See Me is allways ready to play but other than that she is a faily calm dog, that often just lies i the middle of the garden and just watches what is going on around her for a long time. If she got the chance she would lie outside all day long.
We have had a lovely summer vacation without any agility training, with lots of long walks and swims. She is not a huge fan of the water, but she will go in the water together with me or to get a toy. When she is finally in the water she seems to enjoy it though. 
I met Fetch and Marco at the Eoropean Open and it is so obvious that Fetch is the sire to See Me. I still see a lot of Jiggy in See Me though.
I love training See Me. So much is given to me "for free" compared to my Danish/sweedish farmdogs. It is just what I hoped for and even more.
See Me has two legs in agility class 1 and one leg in jumping class 1.

Hugs... And thanks for a great dog,

Jane and See Me in competition

1 year update:
See Me is still such a lovely dog. She loves all people, and still she stands/hop on one or two legs to reach as high as possible, so many times as possible. She is doing great in agility training, and she is very much intens, but not a sound comes from her. I love that she is a none barking dog at the "course". In the garden it is not so all the time. She is still not so good with other dogs. She attempts them in a puppy way,  offen she is not secure, and rather quick she is showing teeth and sounds, other times it is okay. She has been playing with some dogs she didn't know at the beach without trouble at all.

See Me has had her first lesson in jumping technique... She is doing really good ;o)

See Me's newest trick... Blowing bubbles in a bowl of water. She i so smart... learning the trick in 10 minutes ;o).

9 month update.
We are doing great here. See Me is such a lovely dog.
She has been in her first heat and it was without problems. It started at the 8 month b-day.

See Me has a lot of coat, it is very thick, and almost has a brown shine with some grey. Someone told me that she must be a dark zobel. It is a beautiful colour. She still likes to herd a lot of things like the gardentools :-). Cars are not a big problem anymore, there is a small interest in some of the noisy ones still.

I am looking forward to do some more agility with her. My garden is too small for the big obstacles, but some jumps will do. In august we are joining a seminar once a week, and sometimes we will go to grandmother Simic and learn.

I the video you can see See Me training her 2on 2off position on the dogwalk.  

See Me has learned to push a ball with her nose... Very cute ;o)

See me has learned to catch treats. 

See me is showing of some of her tricks at puppy class. 

Two new videoes of See Me

First See Me's first agility training with Gitte Hoffmeister as an instructor.

See Me doing "the figure 8" around Dorthe's other two dogs. Good girl ;o)

New pictures in Se Me's photo album.

See Me doing some basic agility training in the garden.

See Me doing some puppy agility in the garden.

I have seen See Me a couple of times in the couple of weeks. That dog is just happy. It is rare to see her standing still... She is just too happy about people.

New pictures in See Me's photo album

I have seen See Me a couple of times in the couple of weeks. That dog is just happy. It is rare to see her standing still... She is just too happy about people.

New pictures in See Me's photo album

6 month update. See Me now weighs 12,5 kg and she is 47 cm tall.

See Me seems so healthy and in very very good mood all the time. She has lots of energy, some good and some not so good, PUPPY. She loves all people, some times too much :-) and she hasn't got her feet on the ground when people come along. One day I will teach her to behave more calm, I guess  :-)

We haven't done much agility related, but some of the practice in puppy class is to be used later on learning agility.  Right and left around a stok, and in my garden around the trees, and a jump wing. Some tunnels i nearly forgot.  I am looking forward to do some more in the future.

She likes cars,  to run after, but it has been worse than it is now. From the garden she can see the cars just on the other side of the fence, and that is troublesome, but some better now, and we continue the work.

Best regards
Dorthe and See Me.

I have seen See Me a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. That dog is just happy. It is rare to see her standing still... She is just too happy about people.

New pictures in See Me's photo album

I have seen See Me a couple of times in the last few weeks. That dog is just happy. It is very rare to see her standing still... She just loves people too much.

New pictures in See Me's photo album


New pictures in See Me's photo album


Last week I (Jane) joined Dorthe and See Me to their first puppy class with Johanna as an instructor. See Me was a complete sweetheart. See Me managed to stay concentrated on doing tricks for one whole hour... I am impressed. Dorthe and See Me even won a small competition... They were the best to do a 5 seconds nose tought to the palm of the hand!


Afterwards I joined Dorthe at her house for a cup of tea. See Me was full of energy when we returned home - Crazy puppy!!! I got a thousand kisses from See Me... Love it! See Me is so happy and loves people.


See Me is having the best time in her new home... She is always playing with Bravo and it seems like she has gotten Djohs to play a little as well. Dorthe is very happy about See Me and has tought her lots of tricks.


There is lots of pictures in See Me's photo album and below you can see some video's of See Me. Dorthe has filmes lots of videos, and if you want to see them you can go to Dorthe's youtube channel:

See Me showing some tricks

See Me playing with Bravo

See Me is living in Ringsted, Denmark together with Dorthe and Jørgen and the Danish Swedish farmdogs Bravo and Djohs. Dorthe has always had a dog in her life and she has been doing agility since 1999. See Me is Dorthe's first border collie. Dorthe hopes that See Me will become jumping and agility champion and that she maybe will qualify to the national team.


Dorthe has been on the Danish National team for several years (Nordic championships 07, 08, 09 and World championships in 09) with Djohs. She could not participate in the WC before 09 because the breed had to be recognized by FCI. She was on the Nordic championship gold winning team in 2007 and 2008 the team won silver in 2009.

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