All Zet A Flexible Flyer

Pedigree name:

All Zet A Flexible Flyer

Call name:




Date of birth:



Barb Davis


Kennel All Zet


54 cm


19 kg


OFA mild (C) on one hip



OFA normal
OCD present

Clear as puppy 


DNA normal



DNA normal

DNA normal

It is hard to be around Flex and not smile. He embraces life with such gusto, he just sucks you into his joy. In the morning he knows to be gentle and cuddly as I wake up. As soon as we head down the stairs he searches for a toy and can't wait to show me what he has found. As I make the morning coffee he comes racing into the kitchen for a little game of tug and catch and then talks his little pal Skecher who is all of 12 pounds into playing tug with him. When it is time for agility he gives 100% and as many young dogs he has a lot of adrenalin at trials, but he is slowly learning how to focus and run all out at the same time. He is soooo happy when he has a good sequence, his joy just shines up at me. When all is quiet in the evening Flex often goes over to Jeff and lays his chin on his foot, so happy to be close to us. I came to Denmark two years ago to get an amazing agility dog, and boy he is. But oh so much more. There is something so special about Flex. His amazing complex personality keeps life fun for all of us, what a dog.

Flex 2 year bithday video - love it ;o)

1 year update
We love Flex so. Every morning he comes up and gives a few kisses but not too hard as he knows I wake up slow. But as soon as I am on my feet he shows me a toy and how delighted he is too find it. During morning chores he romps into the kitchen showing me the latest toy, hoping for a little bit of tug time before he goes off to frolic with it or talks Skecher into playing with him. He loves to work especially for his toy. He is very thoughtful but once he understands he wants to do it now!! Let's go! When he gets to the arena I teach out of he romps about with Skecher, anticipating some fun times. During quiet times he loves to be nearby with his head on your foot. He is learning lots of things on 12" jumps and has done a little on the teeter. No other contacts yet. Here is a youtube movie of him at 1 yr.

New pictures in Flex's album

9 month update:
Flex is such a wonderful young dog. We truly feel blessed to have him. He keeps us smiling all the time. Flex have been at the lake twice, still a little cold. Zesty learned to swim by chasing the toy into the water. Flex was not enough lured by the toy to do that. BUT if I was standing out in the water he wanted to bring the toy to me soooooo bad that he would come out to give it to me. Pretty funny. So far he is just wading but he is frolicking around very happily.

In the video you can see Flex doing some puppy agility, having a run with his mates and giving kisses to Barb ;o)

Flex is roling on a stink bug and just being cute.

6 month update. Flex is now weighing 13,5 kg and he is 51 cm tall.

Greeting from Flex, Barb and Jeff:
Flex is a wonderful affectionate and extremely intelligent boy. We love him so and he is really a lot of fun. He keeps us laughing all the time. Currently his favorite toy is the plastic tray bottoms that food comes in sometimes. I was gone judging a few weeks ago and Flex was searching all around the house. Jeff went out to the garbage and got his tray. He was so happy he carried it all over the house, pounced on it and threw it in the air.

Barb and Jeff

Flex is having the time of his life with Barb. Unfortunately he fell during playing and exercising wit the rest of the gang, and hurt his one front leg. Fortunately he is allright again.

New pictures in Flex's photo album


New pictures in Flex's photo album


Flex loves to play in the arena, and I can leave him a huge distance and call him and run with his toy and he snatches it away. His favorite game. He is doing very low jumps and tunnels and is starting to think it is pretty cool.


Letter from Flex:

Hi Mom!!
I'm 4 months old today!! I'm growing up so fast. I'm 16.5" and 23 lbs.  I'm learning lots of stuff but not typing but Mama Barb said she would write to you from me.. I want you to know I am soooooooo happy. I'm now the biggest dog except for Zesty and when I stand on my hind legs my nose is higher than mom's belly button, ha ha!!

Me and Skecher have lots of fun. I have figured out ways to make him play with me. I pull on his tail, sometimes that makes him mad. Other times I get a toy and I run over and show him I have it and then I can get him to play tug with me. He is most fun though when we are outside as he loves to run in the snow like me. All the dogs run in the snow except old Aspen who barks at the dogs running in the snow. Ha ha

I love my dad Jeff and he loves me and he always makes time for me. He likes how I come running wagging all over to greet him when he gets home. He always says "how's my Flex buddy". I like that.

Mom has taken me 3 times to her new arena she teaches at. Sometimes I have to wait a very long time while she teaches, but then I come in and Mama Jane, there are dogs here that do the agility like I saw in Denmark!!! It is so fun to watch but mom makes me sit or lay down when I watch, but that is ok, I can do it. Then after a few minutes we go to the far end of the arena and I get to do some little jumps and tunnels while the other dogs do it too. I want to watch them but I love playing this game with mom more, so I stay with her. And then when I do it she plays my toy games with me that I love so much. Oh Mama Jane, I sometimes feel I was born to do these things. Then my mom showed me a movie from 2006 and Grandma Simic and Amazing Gil were running in what is called an overlay, mom said they were relatives of mine. I knew it , I knew it!! I will be like them I think.
Mom also took me to a trial last weekend! I had to hang out a lot in the ex-pen the first day and it was kind of boring. But I was a good boy. It turns out she was judging. Then after I got to go play and run in a field with all my dog friends. Even with them all around I brought the toy back to mom a lot and I fetched it a lot. Zesty and Parnelli got it too, but "I" got it the most!!
The other days mom walked me around and I met lots of people and they all petted me and I tried to kiss them. Then we sat in the stands and watched some dogs run agility. Mom made me sit, but that is ok, I can do it!
Well there is my update, mom says she hopes you can come to Austria for the European Open even though I won't be there. Mom and Dad hopes she can see you again then.
Bye bye
love you always

Flex enjoying life and learning some basic agility

Flex and Wink reunion


Flex is doing wonderful he has a huge and very soft tongue! He loves to give kisses and is very affectionate. Luckily we like to get kisses too!! He would not be the right dog for someone he didn't. Every time he wakes up he races over to one of us to give his hugs and kisses.

On his 14 week birthday he was 16" tall and 20 lbs.  Or 41cm and 9kg. He reminds me of a racehorse colt.

He and Skecher are playing more and more. Flex is starting to figure out if he flings himself to the ground upside down that Skecher will join in. But when he lays on top of Skecher who is 12 pounds, Skecher gets mad and the game ends. They love to chase each other around the couches in the house and hide and wait for the other to come by, very cute. He has learned to leave Rock-It alone but loves to chase him, which Rock-It doesn't mind as long as their is no hair grabbing.
Flex is a very careful learner and always does much better the 2nd time you show him something. He really thinks about what he is doing. He is learning a little heeling on both sides and also the elephant trick. But mainly I have been doing stay and release game with him. He now has a very great down, with his little head laying on the ground. He stays while I wiggle the toy or drop food and then comes flying up on OK. He is also learning to go ahead of me to a target. Two days ago I had him at the arena while a friend was practicing with her border collie. He managed to stay in down, watching, for most of the run except when the dog came close. He gets very excited watching but I can get him to pay attention to me while another dog is working which I love.

Jeff and I are thrilled with Flex and he is really a fun animated dog, many cute mannerisms that make him so loveable.

Flex is enjoying life with Barb and Jeff. Barb is very saticfied with cutie Flex. When Flex got to USA is was very very cold, so Barb set up some indoor activity for the dogs... Take a look at the video below. There is also pictures in Flex's photo album.

Flex is living with Barb and Jeff and all their dogs... Shelties: Oldest to youngest: Aspen, Rock-It, Parnelli, Skecher and border collie Zesty. Barb have always had dogs in her life. Barb started showing Wire Fox Terriers in 1970 in conformation and obedience. Then switched to shelties in late 70's. Barb has done agility since 1993 and have a lot of results with many different dogs.


Aspen is a MACH (Master Agility Champion - AKC) and an ADCH (Agility Dog Champion-USDAA) she also was an AKC World Team Member in 2000

Rock-It is a MACH7, and ADCH, 2006 AKC National Agility Champion, 2010 AAC National Agility Champion (Canada), and 2010 USDAA National Champion. He also was a AKC World Team Member in 2006 and placed 7th overall in the individual competition at the World Championships.

Parnelli is a MACH

Skecher is in Excellent (Level 3) and currently has 6 double qualifiers towards his MACH (20 needed)

Zesty is a MACH7 and ADCH and 2010 AAC National Agility Champion in Canada.


Rock-it's father Shimmer was a 5 time agility world team member, with two team silver medals and also a USDAA National Champion. He competed for 5 years in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, winning 5 silver medals.

Also before agility Shimmers father Zinger won a Best in Show and Parnelli's great, great, grandmother was both a breed champion and OTCH (obedience trial champion).

The future for Flex is to be an enjoyable and loved family member, and he already is. Barb hopes to have Flex develop into a very competitive agility dog capable of winning national competitions and becoming a World Team member.

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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