All is going just great with the puppies. Their bad stomachs have gone and they are both sleeping much more, but they are more adventurous when awake. In the beginning of the week they started hearing and their vision has slowly progressed during the week.  The first to escape the puppy box was Jingle who took the jump on Christmas day. Kit managed to escape as well, so I had to put an ekstra board on the gate. No escapees since ;). 

Do It is still a great mom, but the puppies now also have teeth and it hurts Do It when they are drinking milk. Do It still gives them milk several times a day, but you can see that she is really enjoying it anymore. Her breasts are also full of scratches and blue marks and with 9 puppies I decided to give them some solid food a little earlier than I have done before, to give Do It a little break. The puppies love the food but walk in the food just as much as eating it. And the food is all over the place when meal time is over. 

The puppies are playing more and more and they love biting everything. After getting their meal they get to run a little i the puppy pen... but it only takes 10 minutes before they are a sleep, tired from the new experiences.

Photos week 3
Photos week 3
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