All puppies have gone to their new homes. Unfortunately I was in Finland for most of the week for the OneMind Dogs Coach seminar. Frederik was puppy sitting for me and did a great job of teaching the puppies naughty stuff. I was happy to follow the puppies on live stream my self... great invention. The litter still seems super. All pups are happy and playful and Do It is the best mom ever. A little to nice to the pups sometimes.

At the end of the week almost all puppy byers were here at the same time, so we arranged to go out to eat together... 21 people... Great evening, where puppy buyers from around the world got to meet each other.

I am happy to say that it again seems that I was able to solve the puzzle as to which puppy should go to which owner... All new owners are very happy.

All Zet Chip In For The Win "Chip" (Robin) is going to live with my sister Susanne and Frederik and be co-owned by me. Hopefully I will get to train agility with him.

All Zet Come With Me Braveheart "Brave" (Rudy) will be Christian Fryand's new agility dog in Switzerland. Christian has done agility for many years and live's together with Corinne who also has done agility for many years. Both Christian and Corinne have been on the Swiss agility national team.

All Zet C U In Cyberspace "Cyber" (Ash) will live with Dorthe Johnsen in Denmark together with See Me from my A litter. He will do agility and tricks. Dorthe has done agility for many years, and was on the Danish Agility National Team with her medium dog Djohs. See Me (All Zet And See Me) is running in agility class 3.

All Zet Crack The Code Mason "Mason" (Mason) will live with Carsten Højby Jørgensen here in Denmark and do agility. Carsten has done agility for many years and has won a lot of competitions during the years, with his past dogs.

All Zet Check It Out Jess "Jess" (Kit) will stay in Denmark and do agility with Gaby Hildenbrandt. Gaby is my agility student. so I get to see Jess a lot. Gaby runs with great enthusiasm and has been just on the edge to get on the Danish national team with her small border Loppen. Gaby has also been running agility for many many years.

All Zet Crazy Lil Thing Called Love "Love" (Bindi) now lives with Karen Childs in Canada. They are also doing agility. Karen is the newest to agility among the buyers from this litter, but Karen is very devoted and has flair for agility. She is already showing very good things with her young agility dog Cash.

All Zet Cut To The Chase "Chaser" (Link) lives with Jennifer Carlisle Voelkel in Sunny California, USA. We will also see them on the agility course. Jennifer has also been doing agility for many years, and has been representing USA at the European Open with her border collie Tonic. 

All Zet Cheer Hurra "Hurra" (Fix) lives with Claudia Zenner in Germany. This is Claudia's first border collie, but Claudia is running agility on the highest level in agility with her pyrenean shepherd Wii. Wii and Claudia was selected for the German agility world team 2015.

All Zet Cron Job "Cron" (Jingle) lives close to sister Chaser in California, USA. She lives with Silvina Bruera, and will definetly run agility. Silvina has run agility for many years and has been on the American agility World Team with her border collie Tcam.

For more information, links etc. visit the pups individual pages.
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