Tuesday 14.12.10
Kizz Me on the beach and greeting from Wink

While Lone Sommer is in Egypt, I am taking care of Kizz Me. Kizz Me is just really sweet and happy and she is very easy to look after. Today I took the dogs and the camera to the beach... Here is a few pictures.


If you go to Wink's page you can read a greeting from Wink and Sharyl.

Wednesday 07.12.10
3 month birthday, updates of all the puppies and gold to mom and grandmother

I have updated all the puppies' sites with pictures, stories and videos... Check them out here.


Everything is slowely getting back to normal, and Jiggy think I am quite boring! It has been snowing heavily the last 14 days and Jiggy and I dying to get started with some training, so I got the idea to set up some agility equipment in the living room instead of the dining table. Jiggy think it is a brilliant idea. We have been training on more difficult entries as much as the living room space allows it after this video was filmed... This was the second indoor session ;o).

I also miss agility so much that I looked through Jiggy's agility videos from last spring and got the idea to make an agility collage... Here is the product:

The 21st of November the Nordic championships where held in Denmark. Jiggy's mother Simic and her Grandmother Frøken where on the Danish team together with Regin/Nike and Lone/Panik. The Danish team did a great job and won the team gold... Yeah! Congratulations


Simic has not been running like she usually does since she had puppies last winter, but it looked like she was allmost back to her old self at the Nordic championships. Sarah and Simic had a contact fault but other than that they had some great runs. Sarah and Simic placed 3rd and got the bronze medal... Way to go... She is still the game, the old mamma ;o)

Me and my friends had arranged to do some cheerleading at the championships, so we arranged training evenings at my place... So much fun ;o) Think it went really well with the dancing at the championships and we got good feedback and I am sure we will be ready to lead the cheering again in 4 years ;o).

Monday 29.11.10
Everything is so quiet now

All the puppies have left me now. Last weekend Tug (One), Jazzie (Piccolina) and Flex (Seven) left and then I had Wink (Trix) for a few days alone. It was nice having Wink as the only puppy for a couple of days, so I could get a feeling of how it will be when I keep a puppy from Jiggy sometime in the future. Wink was very well behaved and actually asked to go in the garden if she needed to.


I have heard from all of the puppies and they have all taken the journey in car or plane perfectly... Wink had a travel time of about 32 hours because the airplane had to be de-iced.


All the new owners have only had good things to tell me about their puppies, so that is great. I have gotten videos and pictures allready, and I will try to get them uploaded soon. It warms my heart to see my puppies playing with their new families. I have made individual pages for the puppies on the page Jiggy/Fetch puppies... So go check it out.

Tuesday 09.11.10
Week 9 - One more puppy has left me


News under "Week 9".


Friday Tina Tøndering came from Jutland to pick up her new puppy Pil who will know be called Zoya. Tina is really happy to have Zoya... Hope they will be a great match.

Thursday 04.11.2010
Jigsaw has moved to her new home and a funny observation

Yesterday my first puppy moved to its new owners, Jigsaw is now called See Me "All Zet And See Me". Dorthe and Jørgen picked up her up early in the morning and I have heard that everything is going good with her. Even though I have six puppies I still miss her. I am looking so much forward to seeing her a lot in the future as she will be the puppy living the closest to me.

I just saw a picture of Jiggy's father Sid and realized the big resemblance to Tizzle... Funny.

Tuesday 02.11.10
Week 8 - Puppy test and health check
Thursday 28.10.10
Week 7 - first walk outside the house and Silvia Trkmann seminar

Update on the page week 7.


Last week I was participating in a seminar as a spectator with Silvia Trkmann. I was both watching a two day agility seminar and a tricks seminar. Silvia was very inspiring and I would have loved to have Jiggy with me. I also got to talk to her about her dogs and saw her train. Silvias way of doing agility is quite simple and not to far from what I am used to, at that is great to know. I had three good days in good company.

Wednesday 20.10.10
Week 6 - first clicker training session
Wednesday 13.10.10
Week 5 and video of Tip's runs at the WC

New video and photos on the page week 5.


The videos of Tip's runs at the WC has been uploaded to youtube... Take a look at the great performance of a young dog becomming number 7 at a world championship.

Zeljko Gora and Mawlch Tip

Tuesday 05.10.10
Week 4

New video and photos on the page week 4

Monday 04.10.10
Results from the World Championships

Weee... Have had a great weekend. All weekend Heidi, Mette and I have been watching the WC on livestream. It worked great and it actually felt a little like being there ;o). The standard of the dogs participating in the WC was very high... Great agility to watch.


I was great cheering for Denmark and the puppies' family members. Denmark did not have the luckiest year ever but the Danish large team ended up on a 6th place... Congratulations. Susanne Prier with Uniq had a very good chance to win a medal... And she deserves it so much... Uniq is truely uniq, but a knocked bar cost the silver medal... What a shame. Just hope that Susanne is ready for next year as 2011 must be her year!

Some of Jiggy and Fetch's family members were participating and some got some quite amazing results. Fetch's sister Bu (Even Sweets Granting Pleasure) and Silvia Trkmann had a great weekend. They won the team jumping course and had the fastest time in the team agility course unfortunately with 5 faults. In the individual competition Silvia and Bu had 2 clean runs and they ended up at a combined 4th place! Huge congrats.The video below is Silvis and Bu's team runs.

Silvia Trkmann and Even Sweets Granting Pleasure "Bu"

Fetch's son and the puppies' half-brother Tip (MAWLCH Tip) and Zeljko Gora had a great debut at the WC. Tip is only 23 month old. Tip had the 5th fastest time in the team jumping course but with faults. He had two clear runs in the individual competition and ended up at a combined 7th place... Wow, great performance. Unfortunately I do not have any video available yet.

Fetch's litter sister was in the WC as the white dog in the individual agility competition. They had an awesome run and would have earned a 2nd place if they had participated in the WC. Hope they make the German team next year.

Krisztina Kabai and Fleece Granting Pleasure

The best run that Jiggy's mom Simic (Asasara Attractive Thunderbird) and Sarah Lorentzen had was the individual agility competition. Really nice run... Love watching Simic and Sarah run. 

Sarah Lorentzen/Asasara Attractive Thunderbird "Simic"

Jiggy's grandmother Frøken (Gawain's Miss Night Dancer) and Lis Møller had a great run i the individual jumping competition. Frøken was the oldest large dog in the WC.  

Lis Møller and Gawain's Miss Night Dancer "Frøken"

Fetch's sister from an other litter Brit Brit and Remo Müller was also participating in the individuel competition, but 2010 was not their year. 10 faults in jumping and a disqualification in agility. What a shame... Brit Brit is such a joy to watch on an agility course. 

At the end I will post the run of Lisa Frick and Hoss (Hoss Von First Hemp of Devil Brook). They are just a great team. What an amazing accomplishment to win the world championships two years in a row and with such a young dog!!! Hoss must be a once in a lifetime dog!

Lisa Frick and Hoss von First Hemp of Devil Brook "Hoss"

Saturday 02.10.10
Finally was able to upload the three week video

Better late than never ;o). I have finally been able to upload the three week video. You can see it on the puppy page week 3. The puppies has been developing a lot since then, so will soon make a video again.


Last weekend the puppies were the stars of a movie that Heidi and I made. We made a video greeting to the Danish National Team... See it here ;o).


This weekend the World Championships is being held in Rieden, Germany. Several of the puppies family members are participating. As you know both Grandma Simic and Great grandma Frøken is on the Danish Team. There is also a half-brother participating and that is Tip run by Zeljko Gora from Croatia. There also two aunties in the WC and that is Bu run by Silvia Trkmann and Brit Brit run by Remo Müller.


Silvia Trkmann had the best individual performance of all dogs yesterday in the team jumping competition.

Tuesday 28.09.10
Three weeks old

I have made some changes on the puppy pages and the stories about the puppies will now be the puppy pages instead of here... Lots of new pictures, stories and videos on the page week 3.

Tuesday 21.09.10
Two weeks old

Today the puppies are two weeks old. In the last week they have all started to walk pretty well and their eyes have started to open. They seem to be exploring more and more and the girls who started opening their eyes first, looks like they can see just a little bit because they are holding their heads higher than normal and today they actually have started "playing" when they are finished eating. I think this coming week is going to be full of development.


The puppies have had a little bit of a bad stomach, but it seems to be over now. Tizzle has been under surveillance... He is the smallest puppy at this point in time, but he is gaining in weight every day and is looking good. They are all very equal in size and today the girls are only 39 grams apart and all the puppies have doubled their weight.


Jiggy is now almost allowed to go on her regular walks between ½-1 hour and she is eating like a horse... She is eating 3-4 times more than she usually does and she is still kind of skinny.

I have uploaded lots of new pictures in the album "week 2".

Thursday 16.09.10
Video of handling the puppies one at a time

Wednesday 15.09.10
More videos of Fetch's family

Just wanted to share some videoes of Fetch's amazing family.

Fetch's kid Never Never Land Y'over Drive "Kite"

Agility debut

Fetch's half sister Avery Of Austrian Startlight

Tuesday 14.09.10
Happy one week birthday

The puppies are doing so great. They are gaining weight and they are full of life. The first 3-4 days they were eating all the time, but it seems that the milk production has raised so they get a proper meal each time now, so the sleep a lot more. They say sweet funny noises all the time when they sleep. Jiggy is spending less time with the puppies now, but she is still very caring of them. Yesterday Heidi and trimmed their nails... impressive how long they get in such a short time. We have also started early neurological stimulation. The puppies sometimes do not like it but often it is really dependent on what time you take the puppies. If we try doing it when they are hungry they do not like it at all and if they are tired they rarely say anything.


They puppies are making their first attempts to walk... So cute. In the video below you can see One having his first go.


I have taken new portrait pictures today. You can see them in the photo album week 2. I have also uploaded new pictures from the passing week in the album week 1.

Thursday 09.09.10
Eat and eat and eat... and sleep

The puppies are doing great. They are now 2 days old. Jiggy is getting more and more relaxed with the puppies. To begin with she was really afraid of lying down in the whelping box because she was afraid to lie on the puppies. Now she is much better at getting in the box lying close to the puppies without squeezing them. Jiggy sometimes leave the box but comes running back if they makes the slightest sound.


Yesterday we were at the vet and all the puppies was perfect and full of life. The vet said that the puppies were to cheap with such great parents ;o)... He is a big fan of Jiggy.


One puppy is weighing the same as when they were born the rest has gained weight. I would be surprised if they did not gain in weight, because they eat all the time. You actually have to lucky to get a moment where they all sleep at the same time.


The new owners will decide the pedigree name and call name of the puppies, but instead of calling the puppies numbers until it is decided which puppy goes where, Heidi and I have found names for them. The puppies are called One, Piccolina, Trix, Pil, Tizzle, Jigsaw and Seven. At the puppy page I have put individual pictures of the puppies so you are able to tell them apart. The girls all only have a dot of white on the neck and a little white in the face while the boys all have more white on the neck and in the face. There is also some pictures from the birth, but not to many as everything went so fast.

I have just had Jiggy on her first walk outside the garden and I really think that Jiggy enjoyed the break from motherhood and being able to move freely without the extra weight of the puppies. On the other hand she was really happy to be back home.

Wednesday 08.09.10
Jiggy gave birth to 7 perfect puppies yesterday

The night after the temperature dropped Jiggy had trouble finding peace and I were up several times. In the morning she was quite calm. Around 12.30 she started becoming more and more agitated and started digging in her whelping box. About 14.00 she started her first small labors and the water broke at 14.35. At 14.48 we could see the first puppy trying to find its way out. Jiggy turned and laid on her back and the first puppy and black and white male was born at 14.58. Two minutes later at 15.00 the next puppy a black and white bitch arrived. Wow things were going very quickly... but before we knew it Puppy number 3 was born at 15.03. The third puppy was at black and white female... very similar to the first female. We had a bit of trouble to tell them apart. Jiggy had not had the chance to lick the puppies in between the deliveries, so when she got a little break she was presented with 3 puppies. She licked them perfectly and was very interested in them. I had cut the umbilical cords because things went so fast.


16 minutes at 15.19 the 4th puppy, a black and white bitch was born. Again it looked just like the two other bitches. At 15.34 a tricolor male was borne and at 15.42 a black and white bitch was borne. The first 6 puppies were born in just 45 minutes... That was really easy! I felt Jiggy's stomach and was quite sure that she would have at least one more puppy. After 1½ hour Jiggy started having contractions again and at 17.31 a big black and white male was borne.


All the puppies were really energetic and full of life right from the start. Especially the girls were fast... some of them started sucking my finger or their front legs while their behind was still inside Jiggy! They all started sucking milk from Jiggy straight away.


Jiggy was really amazing through it all. She was quite calm and did everything just right.

Channie Ørsted // 10.09.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

smukke hvalpe helt perfekte ;O) endnu engang tillykke med dem
Tuesday 07.09.10
Jiggy's temperature dropped last night

The birth of Jiggy's puppies seems to be happening today. Jiggy's temparature dropped last night and I expect the birth to start this afternoon or evening. Jiggy is starting to become a little restless. The birth will be broadcasted live from my webcam, so stay tuned.

Thursday 02.09.10
ONE week left!!! Jiggy's sister Nala won the agility championship in the Danish Border Collie Club

I have to say it again: Jiggy is getting huge! If I did not know when the mating happened I would think that she was ready for delivery now! The puppies are kicking like mad! Jiggy has gained more than 3 kg and she is not fat! I have stopped taking the long walks with her. She is like an old lady stopping to look at shop windows to get a rest. I have to call her often because she is just sniffing around and eating grass all the time to get an excuse to stand still.

Today I have just gotten the new puppy pen. Wow it is great! ... and big. I feel that I have everything ready for the delivery now... Can't wait ;)

Last weekend the agility championships in the Danish Border Collie Club were held. Jiggy's amazing sister Nala and Poul Lerche had a great weekend and again they won one of the big ones!!! Poul and Nala is now club champion! What an amazing accomplishment! 

Nala Border Collie Club Champion 2010

Saturday 28.08.10
Jiggy 7 weeks pregnant - I can see the puppies moving around!

This picture is from yesterday where Jiggy was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. She is now weighing 16 kg - which means that she has gained 2,3 kg. She is getting huge! I have removed the hair from her belly, so the puppies can find the milk bar. I have been able to feel the puppies for about 1 week, but now I am able to see them move around as well. There is some real action going on in there. I have been filming her belly today... It is easier to see the movements live but you can see some movements in the video. Jiggy is still doing fine... She feels the limitations of the gained weight and the missing energy, but she seems happy and content.

Jane Elene Christensen // 28.08.10
janeelene@gmail.com // www.all-zet.dk

Det gør jeg også... Der sker så meget nyt hele tiden, og jeg begynder at blive rigtig spændt på hvad der kommer af køn og udseende... Men først skal fødslen overståes uden problemer, tak! Kun 1½ uge tilbage!!!
channie // 28.08.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

nøj hvor er hun blevet stor ;)
ser godt ud, du må glæde dig forfærdeligt meget.

22.08.10 Sunday
I have felt the puppies kicking!

Weeee.... It is getting more and more real! Today I sat down with Jiggy and put my hand on her stomach. I was trying to see if I could feel the puppies kicking, but I did not expect to feel them so soon... But I did. They did not kick very hard, but they actually kicked a lot, and in lots of different places in Jiggy's stomach. Her mammary glands has also started developing. 2½ weeks left!!!


Yesterday I bought some vinyl sheet flooring and I have put in the area where the puppies will stay. It looks great I think... And it is making things feel so real!


Below yo can see a before and after picture of Jiggy's stomach seen from above.

Heidi Frederiksen // 22.08.10
hajdy339@yahoo.dk // hepdog.dk

Like feeling little fish touching your hand :)

Glæder mig!! Vi ses imorgen!
Thursday 19.08.10
Jiggy 6 weeks pregnant and more pictures from the ultrasound is uploaded

Jiggy is now 6 weeks pregnant... Only 3 weeks to go! This past week Jiggy has gotten her appetite back and she is eating like never before. I know feed her 3 times a day and she has gained 1,2 kg - Now weighing 14,9 kg. Jiggy is feeling well but is starting to feel the weight on her body. She has also started to shed some of her abdomen hair.


I have uploaded all the pictures from the ultrasound in this new photo album.


On the site about kennel All Zet I have specified the list of some of the things that you will get when you buy a puppy from this kennel.

Jiggy 6 weeks pregnant

Saturday 14.08.10
Jiggy 5 weeks pregnant

New picture of pregnant Jiggy. It is starting to show a little but not to much.

Jiggy 5 weeks pregnant

Friday 13.08.10
Lots of puppies - Jiggy has been to an ultrasound
Today we have had an ultrsound made on Jiggy to se how the puppies are doing. We could see at least 6 puppies, but the vet was sure that there where more puppies hiding, because they where lying very close together. Hope to get 7-8 puppies. They where very equal in size and all looked healthy. They where so cute!!! So nice to know that everything is ok.
channie // 13.08.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

Hvor er det bare spændende ;)
og mange hvalpe jubii

nu håber jeg du har afsat dem alle... sååå man ikke får kriller
Saturday 07.08.10
New pictures

I have uploaded some of the pictures I have taken on the trip to Italy here.


Yesterday I took a couple of pictures of Jiggy to see how her stomach grows these next couple of weeks. Not much to see at this point in time.

Jiggy 4 weeks pregnant

Friday 06.08.10
Jiggy has been mated to Fetch, Jiggy's sister Nala won the Fionia Cup final and Jiggy's Mother Simic and Jiggy's grandmother Frøken has been selected to represent Denmark at the word championships 2010 in Rieden

Wee... Jiggy has been mated to Fetch ;o). Jiggy is now almost half way in her pregnancy... four weeks to be precise. At this point in time I am pretty sure that I can feel the fetuses - really amazing. I can feel at least two puppies... but I bet there are more puppies in there. I am really excited and so are my puppy buyers who allready have booked airplane tickets and planned vacation. I expect the puppies to be born Thursday the 9th or Friday the 10th of September.


Sunday the 4th of Juli the trip to Italy began. We drove for two days and made a stop over night in Germany. We arrived late Monday at Marco and Francesca's home. Marco and Francesca lives In the moutains near Verona, so the last couple of kilometres to their home was quite an experience. The view from Marco's house was really amazing!

We met Fetch the first night and he was really lovely. Of course he was really interested in Jiggy and Jiggy was quite interested in him, but when he tried to jump on her back she rejected him. Apparently she was not ready. Tuesday and Wednesday day the same thing happened. Late Wednesday night when Fetch came home from agility training both Fetch and Jiggy showed a bit more interest in each other. Fetch tried to mate Jiggy again and this time she did not reject him... and then the most annoing thing happened... Fetch was "getting his thing on" and ended up delivering all of the "Fetchollinis" of the ground!!! Ohhh no! We waited an hour and tried again and this time the mating was a success. What a relief. Jiggy and Fetch mated again Thursday, twice Friday and once Saturday. So five successful matings - great!

Fetch is a really nice dog. He is very happy to work and keeps an eye on Marco to see if there is a possibility to get to do something. Fetch is quite calm at home; several of Marco's other dogs where barking when someone drove or walked by the house, but I only heard Fetch bark once. He was friendly towards other dogs and people... He was actually quite submissive to a male tervuren of Marco's. One day we where at Marco's agility course and saw Fetch work. Fetch is 100% concentrated, has an amazing jumping style and he is extremely fast and agile.

Tine and I also got to do some seightseeing. We went to Verona, the Garda lake, Venice and Garda land. Jiggy went with us to Verona and Venice. Jiggy just loved Venice! It was very hot so I allowed her to dip her feet in the water and before I knew it she was swimming around. So everytime she saw stairs to the water she wanted a dip ;o).

Marco and Francesca had a litter sired by Fetch that was 7 weeks old when we arrived. They where so cute with lots and lots of energy and personality. Jiggy was really interested in the puppies... that was really nice to see.

Thank you so much Marco and Francesca for letting Tine and I stay at your house for the week... It was so nice of you. Thank you Tine for the good company and for being my chauffeur all the time.

When we went back to Denmark we drove directly to Fionia Cup. Fionia Cup is the biggest competition i Denmark. It is a week long trial, with participants from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, England, The Netherland and many more. Through the week you can earn points to qualify for the final. The 25 best out of almost 300 qualify for the final. Both Jiggy's mom Simic and her sister Nala qualified for the final. Unfortunately Sarah and Simic was disqualified, but they had a great run. Nice to see that Simic is on her way to the top again after having puppies. Poul and Nala had a great run as well and got a clear round and won the final... Sooo coool! Congratulatins Poul on winning such a big competition with such a young dog.

I have been finding stuff from the last time I had puppies and I have put the welpingbox together and given it some new paint. I have also build a roof for half of the box as Jiggy often likes to sleep under the bed, so I figured she would like to have the possibility to get some privacy.

The Danish team for the World championships has just been selected. Both Jiggy's mom Simic and Jiggy's grandmother Frøken is on the team once again. Sarah and Simic is also running in the individuel competition. Simic is on the team with Simic for the 6th year in a row! Congratulations Sarah and Lis!

One of Fetch's offspring has allready qualified for the world championships!!! MAWLC Tip and his owner Zeljko has qualified for Croatia... and Tip is only 18 month old. Zeljko and Tip also compeeted at European open and was placed 3rd... Wow what an amazing team. It will be really exciting to follow them in the future. Here is a video of Tip's run in the final at EO.

Sunday 04.07.10
Jiggy has been playing tricks on me
It seems that Jiggy has been playing tricks on me. I have been to the vet yesterday to get Jiggy examined... The vet asked me if I was sure that Jiggy had not started her season earlier than Monday... What!!! I have checked her every day and saw the first drop of blood Monday!!! Ok I was a little surprised and scared that Jiggy would be ready to be mated right now. After half an hour the lab test results were ready and it showed that Jiggy with high possibility will ovulate today. This means that she will be ready for mating Monday or Tuesday! Wow this was not completely a part of the plan... I had to have extra days of from work and that is very difficult at this season!
I drove Jiggy to my mom's place and raced to my job to try and figure something out. It involved 5 of my colleges to make changes in their working plans in the beginning of the week, but I succeeded!!! Yes... from now on I have 3 weeks of vacation so I am ready to go. Right now the only thing I need is to pack my clothes together and I am leaving in two hours. On the way I am picking Tine up who is joining me on this trip... it's going to be so nice with some good company.
Channie Ørsted // 04.07.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

shit - siger jeg bare... hvilken panik ! !
(godt det hele kunne løse sig ) ;O)
I må have en rigtig dejlig tur.

Friday 02.07.10
Weee... Jiggy has started her season ;o) + OCD test result

Wups... It's been a while since last update... Lots have happened!!!


Let's take it from the beginning. One week after the competition in Hillerød Jiggy suddenly started to limp. We had not been training the days up till she started to limp, but we had been on some long walks on the beach. I was going to participate in the World Dog Show (WDS) in Herning just one week later, so I was really afraid that we would not be able to go and even worse that her limping could be anything that could stop the breeding plans and her agility career. I got an appointment the next day with vet Thomas Ingvordsen from Højelse. Jiggy was still limping and she did not like it when Thomas pressed on her right shoulder. Apart from that she was fine. He did not suspect that it had something to do with OCD, he thought she had just sprained her shoulder. He ordered her to do nothing for at least a week. I was relieved that she would be ok, but really sad that I could not take part in the World Dog Show... A show with about 24.000 dogs entered! The next day I took Jiggy to my own vet to get her shoulders x-rayed... Actually I had ordered the x-ray one month before to get Jiggy tested for OCD before the mating - what a coincidence. My vet took pictures of the shoulders in different angles and just to make sure he took a couple of pictures of the elbows as well. The pictures looked fine and I got the status from the Danish Kennel Club shortly after that Jiggy is OCD clear! I am so happy ;o)


Even though Jiggy could not participate in the agility trials at WDS we went as spectators. WDS was huge... There were the world championships in obedience and dog dancing, a HUGE exhibition, agility, show ring and lots and lots of shops selling dog gear... And I got to spend a lot of money. I got to do a little agility as well as I got to run Tine's Mac in a couple of classes and Lone Sommer's Du Der in one class. It was so great to be a part of the competition anyways. The run with Du Der was flawless... She did everything I asked her to do, and we came 4th in jumping class 3... Good dog ;o). I got to run with Mac in the Final, and he was great. Unfortunately I was really stupid at the end... I was so thrilled when there were only two obstacles left that I forgot that the last jump was not on a straight line, so Mac ran by the last jump. Afterwards I was told that we would have had a great time and that it could have placed us 2nd in the final... Bummer! By the way... The final was won by one very special team... Jiggy's mom Simic and Sarah Lorentzen.


And know for the very big news: Jiggy has just started her season this Monday. I will have the first blood tests taken tomorrow and I think I will be going to Italy in the middle or last part of next week... Still a lot of planning to do ;o). It is really amazing to think that if everything goes according to plan, there will be cute puppies in this house in just over 2 month!!!

Saturday 19.06.10
Jiggy won open jumping and agility class 1 in Hillerød + countdown for puppies

Wow... A lot has happened since I wrote one month ago! We have been Trialing in Ribe and Albertslund, we have been on a week course in Ribe and we have been competing in Hillerød. Apart from trialing the last few things have fallen in to place when it comes to the mating between Fetch and Jiggy. The only thing now is to wait. I expect Jiggy to come in season at any time now.


Ok... Back to telling you a bit about the competitions. The trial in Ribe was not a success. When Jiggy did not make a mistake, I did... It was just not our weekend!

In Albertslund I was really sick the whole weekend. I suffer a lot from migraine at I had just changed to another brand of medication, that I apparently could not tolerate. I was feeling sick to my stomach and had only eaten half the amount I usually do for one week, which also made me feel really weak. I did not run all of my runs that weekend but got through quite a few even though I was not feeling all right. We got a couple of nice runs and was placed 4th in jumping class open where the first places was only separated by 10th of a second.


Last Saturday we participated in Hillerød, and it was a great trial for us. We participated in open jumping, SP2 and AG1. We got a clear round in open jumping on a very slippery course. I felt I could have done a lot better, and was surprised that I won the class. YEYH! There where 89 participators in the class ;). In SP2 We got a reallly great round but Jiggy knocked a bar - What a shame as we where more than 3 seconds faster than the winner. The last course was AG 1. Jiggy was really alert and great to run with. We got a clear round and won the class... YES, YES, YES... It earned us the last leg in Agility class 1 and we are know running in both agility class 2 and jumping class 2 ;o). Unfortunately I did not get the runs from Hillerød on video.


In week 23 Jiggy and I where in Ribe for a week course with Sarah Lorentzen and Jenny Damm... Really cool week if it was not raining that much! I felt a great improvement in that week and found out that some of my criterias have been slipping a little over the last month of competitions. Because Jiggy is so young I have not been training much in between competitions, and I could see that I need to train a little more. So I have a plan to train a little bit more before the World Dog Show in Herning. I am not planning to train long courses but I will concentrate on some small technical stuff and train often for a maybe 15 minutes, so she will not get any injuries. Thanks to Sarah, Jenny, Pia Metz and all of my agility friends for a great week.


We are leaving for Herning this Wednesday. I am looking so much forward to four days of competition and to see the world championships in both obedience and dog dancing. There will also be a big exhibition and there is almost 20.000 dog entered in the show!!! I think it is going to be the biggest dog events I will ever take part in!


Because I am such a scardy cat when it comes to breeding, I have decided to get Jiggy x-rayed for OCD... Just to be sure. She will get x-rayed this Tuesday - cross my fingers!


As a little treat I have new videos of Fetch for you. Here is one in agility class 3 where Fetch gets a 1st price

Fetch - Agility class 3 - 1st price

A great run with a very unfortunate handler!

Thursday 20.05.10
Jiggy won agility class 1

The 9th of May Jiggy and I participated in a trial in Hvalsø. This was just not our day. The first run was agility class 1. We had a great run with no faults, but stupid Jane had not placed Jiggy's toys in a straight line after the last jump so Jiggy ran past the jump. In the next run Jiggy knocked one bar down but the rest of it was good. The third run was a complete disaster... Our usual teamwork did not exist! The last run Jiggy knocked 3 bars!!! We had the fastest time in the class. Oh my - these dropped bars are giving me a headache ;). 


Now moving on to the trial in Skælskør the 15th of May... It was raining the most of the day and the event started at 9 am and ended at 8 pm = a very long and wet day! Jiggy did a great job. We got a clear round in the first jumping class 2 earning us a 2nd place.  

Jumping class 2 - 2nd price

In the next run (agility class 1) Jiggy did great most of the course, but at one time she crossed behind my back when she was not supposed to. I got out of the situation with no faults but it made Jiggy a little unsure of me and she knocked a bar right after. We got a 5th place.


In agility class one in the afternoon Jiggy did a great job again. We ran a clear round and got one little misunderstanding in the end, but I am very satisfied with the run. We got the 1st place together with Jan Lykke and Pippin who ran in the exact same time.

Agility class 1 - 1st price

In the last run (jumping class 2) the grass had turned in to mud... It was very slippery and I had to put on my soccer shoes to get a grip in the surface. We had a very fast round... The fastest in the class but Jiggy knocked 2 bars down.


All in all I am very happy about the results... One day with no disqualifications and a leg in both agility class 1 and jumping class 2 - Great ;o)

Thursday 06.05.10
Ringing the bell and action pics

Three days ago I have had a doorbell installed for the dogs to use when they wish to come in from the garden. The problem was that Mille is to small to look through the window so she scratched the door to get our attention when she wanted to get inside. Both Jiggy and Mille have learned to ring the bell very fast. Take a look at the video so see how they are doing (turn up the sound to hear the bell ringing):

I have found a couple of action pictures from the trial in Albertslund... Jiggy is very enthusiastic.

Monday 03.05.10
Jiggy won open jumping in Hillerød

This weekend Jiggy and I has been competing in Hillerød. Saturday Jiggy was so awesome. We got a clear round in open jumping and won the class once more. Great feeling ;o).

Open jumping saturday - 1st price

In Agility open Jiggy did not go completely straight through the long jump and we got eliminated... Apart from that it was a really great run. In the next run which was the team competition Jiggy had a great run but knocked one bar down as she tried to bounce a distance where she had to make a tight turn directly after. Our team consists of Jiggy and her sisters Queenie and Nala and her brother Uno - So nice to be on a team with such great dogs and people. Unfortunately the team did not get any points this weekend ;o).


The last course of the day was agility class 1. Again Jiggy was so awesome to handle... and the handler was # %& #... I ran the course in another way than I had planned and because of that I pushed Jiggy around a jump... Getting one refusal. We got a 6th place in the class for that achievement anyways.


Sunday was not as good as Saturday. Jiggy was awesome to handle, but she started knocking bars again - So frustrating, because I feel that we have a really good connection and she makes almost every turn a 100 % right, nails every weave pole entry and never has had a contact fault. If she had not knocked any bars we would have gotten 4 clear rounds in some of the fastest times of the classes - So I really have got to figure a way out of this problem, so Jiggy can show her full potential.

Jiggy's sisters and her brother also had some great results this weekend... They all won a class through the weekend keeping it quite difficult to keep track of all the good results. I will try to get some video of them on my page soon.

Monday 26.04.10
Jiggy won open jumping and agility class 1

Yeah... I have had a great weekend of trialling in Albertslund this weekend. It was great to finally get outside and run on grass! Saturday Jiggy won agility class 1, got eliminated in jumping class 2 (which was totally my fault) and got a fast round in open agility unfortunately with one bar down... If the bar had not gone down, we would have won the class.

Agility class 1 Saturday - 1st price

Sunday Jiggy was eliminated in jumping class 2 and open agility... Again totally my fault! In open agility I forgot the course and showed her the wrong jump. In agility class 1 we got a really great run but again Jiggy knocked one singe bar down - argh! Again we would have won the class if we had no faults.


The greatest run of the whole weekend was open jumping Sunday. The course was quite difficult and a lot of competitors where elliminated. My only hope for this course was to get through it... and run my ass off! Everything went as planned, although I was a little hectic trying to keep up with "speedy". We got the clear round and won the class... YES! My first ever win in an open class. Ther were about 80 participants in the class.

Open jumping Sunday - 1st price

Overall I am so pleased with Jiggy's energy and concentration. She has the same drive in every single run and is not affected by the fact that she was with me at a birthday party Saturday evening with a lot of people and a dog that wanted to play with her all night. I am also very pleased that Jiggy is able to master some of the more technical difficult things as the contacts and hard weave pole entries and exits at a trial with maximum stress and distraction.


After a whole weekend of trialling and a birthday party Jiggy was really happy to se Mille, and Sunday evening Jiggy and Mille were running around in the garden and playing ;o)... So no problems with keeping her energy up through a whole weekend.

Heidi Frederiksen // 26.04.10
hajdy339@yahoo.dk // www.hepdog.dk

Hvor er i bare super, super seje!!!
Og hvor er Tine's kommentering total i orden og sjov :) Tak for et godt grin.
OG ja, Jane, den åbne bane ser jo dødnem ud - når i løber den så fint!
Monday 05.04.10
Great trial in Sweden and not so good trial in Jutland

The 27th and 28th of March Tine, Mac, Jiggy and I went to Northern Jutland to compete in Tutti Cup. We stayed at Laila and Jesper's place and they did everything to make us feel welcome... It was so nice. Thank you Laila and Jesper.


The competition was held on a completely new carpet... and it was unfortunately very slippery. Jiggy fell a couple of times, and she never usually does that on carpet. The slippery carpet made me handle her very carefully because I was afraid she would get injured. Jiggy got so frustrated with me not telling her what to do and by the fact that she could not get a good grip on the carpet, that we got eliminated 4 out of 6 runs! That is a lot! In the other two runs we got 5 faults in each. There where not many people without faults so we got a 2nd place in SP 1 and a 3rd place in AG 1. The organisation of the trial was great... Very nice trial if it had not been for the slippery carpet.

This weekend Tine and I was an agility trial again. This time we went to Sweden. We went to Gåsahoppet where the surface is artificial grass made for soccer. It was amazing to run on, so I got to handle Jiggy like I usually do - Much better! We participated in 5 classes and got no disqualifications. We got one clear round in SP 1 and won the class of 54 participants... Great - Even though Jiggy had a wrong turn out of a tunnel and a misread blind cross we got the fastest time. This was our third clean run in jumping class 1 so we are know qualified to run in class 2.

Jumping class 1

Another video I want to show you is the AG 1. She has such speed and every turn is how I planned it. Unfortunately she knocks a bar.

The last agility video I want to show you is the jumping open class. This was a more technical challenging course than the other that weekend. I think we have a great run but I forget to help Jiggy on the 3rd last obstacle (the wall) and she gets of balance and get a bad angle to the long jump, so she knocks the "marking stick".

Just to get a smile on your lips - Here is a video of Jiggy playing with my boyfriend Mads' dog Mille. This is the first time they have played together and now they play all the time. The video is almost 10 minutes long... I could not get my self to edit anything away.

Friday 26.03.10
Just a treat - Videos of Fetch's offspring

I have just been You Tube'ing and I want to share some of the great videoes I found of some of Fetch's offspring.

Silvia Trkmann and Beck's hill Bast And Furious "Bi" (Fetch Granting Pleasure x Llangwn Valery). Bi is almost 2 years old in this video.

Cintia Darnai and Beck's Hill From Here To Eternity "Lumi" (Fetch Granting Pleasure x Llangwn Valery) getting a clear round in agility. Very fast and nice run. Awesome jumping teqnique. Lumi is almost two years old.

MAWLCH Tig "Space Monkey" (Fetch Granting Pleasure x Llangwm Mossie) playing with a cute 9 week old puppy.

Thursday 11.03.10
Jiggy's eyes have been checked

Jiggy was at the vet Tuesday to get her eyes checked. They where all clear as expected... But I am really relieved anyways.


I forgot to mention that at the competition in Vallensbæk Jiggy's sister Nala/Poul Lerche won AG 1 and Jiggy's brother Uno/Lars Bang won SP 1. At a competition in Sydthy Jiggy's sister Queenie won AG 1 and was 2nd in SP1. Congratulations to Jiggy's amazing sisters and her brother.

Monday 01.03.10
New link to Fetch's offspring Lumi doing agility and report from the trial in Vallensbæk

I have just found this great video of one of Fetch's offspring from training. Lumi is approximately 20 month old on this video and Lumi is a sister to Silvia Trkmann's young border collie Bi.

Trial in Vallensbæk

Last weekend Jiggy and I participated at the trials in Vallensbæk. We did not get any clean runs... That is the first time for us, and I was really disappointed, because I know we can do it and I really want to show it. Again the faults are mine. I get amazed how honest and sensitive Jiggy is - She really always tries to do her best - So I am absolutely not disappointed with her ;).

Agility class 1

The first course was agility class 1. We had a great start but I had not noticed how difficult the weave entrance really was... Jiggy has awsome weave entrances so I just thought I could let her find her own way in to the weaves... NOT! She has so much power going out of the tunnel and she is to attentive to me that she cannot see the weaves on her left side.


Because I already had one fault I decided to put her a little to the test on the seesaw. I said the command "touch" in a soft voice and kept running at the exact same speed past the seesaw. Jiggy did come to a stop, but it looks like she falls to the side and the seesaw rocks back. If you look closely you can se, that she tries to get back on, but it is to late. I then decided to take the seesaw once more and get eliminated.

Jumping "best of 2" - first run

This run was really great. I made a "Jaakko turn" on the wall which I was really pleased with. The only thing that went wrong was that Jiggy went straight to the number sign on the side of the weaves instead of to the weaves. Better practice a little with the number signs on the course. I was watching the small dogs the next day and saw that there where quite a few who made the same mistake.

Jumping "best of 2" - second run

Ohh my. This was not good. We had a great start and the Jaakko turn in the start was even better. She nailed the weave entrance but I loose her a little in the jumping combination in the middle and have to call her off the chute. Because of these minor mistakes I get a little unconcentrated and I say the "back" command on the third last obstacle to late. I give the command while she is hanging over the jump and she knocks the bar down. I get so aggravated and Jiggy gets first a refusal and then a bar down on the next jump. Oh my... Got to stop letting it get to me ;o). I can see that I would have gotten a really nice time on the course if we hadn't made these mistakes.

My sweet friend Tine decided that it was time to tell some truths, so my friends recorded this. I am posting it because I think she is completely right and I want to remember this lesson. Sorry only in Danish ;).

Jumping class 1

We got a refusal on the second jump... This is one of those beginner dog/handler faults. I did not see it as a difficult spot but can se that I should have helped her a little more, but I think a more experienced dog would have read the course and have taken the jump by it self. Appart from that it was an ok run with a fault on the wall. A lot of dogs had that fault through the day.

I was really put down by the results from this trial but when I se the videos now I feel a little better. Jiggy is doing such a good job and I think we will do just great when we get a little more routine.

Thursday 18.02.10
Puppy plans revealed

I know some of you are curious to know who the proud father is going to be... The sire to the upcoming litter is going to be Fetch Granting Pleasure. He has outstanding agility results in his pedigree and he is a very talented agility dog him self. Fetch has a good temperament and is very fast on the course. Still, like all of his sisters and brothers, he has an amazing ability to think clearly under pressure.


Fetch also has amazing HD results in his family, so I am hoping that the mating between Jiggy and Fetch will result in puppies with a potential to go all the way.

I have made a page about the upcoming litter and Fetch, where you can read just about everything there is to know. The puppies will only be sold to people who are going to use the very special abilities of these puppies.


Please do contact me if you are interested in hearing more on the upcoming litter.

Tom Mercebach // 19.02.10
tm@dopag.dk //

Hold fest hvor ser det spændende ud
Channie Ørsted // 18.02.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

lyder meget spændende ;O)
Monday 08.02.10
Great trip to Ribe

Saturday afternoon Tine, Channie and I drove to Ribe to participate in the trial held by Ribe on Sunday. We stayed at a bed and breakfast... Really nice place, where the dogs where allowed to stay as well.


I was a little afraid that Jiggy would get tired through the day as we had been driving Saturday and slept in a different place with Mac as a room mate. She does not like Mac to much. He is the sweetest dog, but he is a little to sweet for Jiggy's taste. But actually I could not feel any difference on Jiggy's enthusiasm through the day. Every time I took her from her cage, she was ready to go. Even when we got home after another long drive, she wanted to play... I had expected her to climb in to bed and not been heard from that evening.

Agility open

The first course was an agility open with 64 participants. Jiggy got a clear and really nice round. She did everything I asked her to do... Stayed on the contacts and every turn was as I had planned it. We did not run turbo speed and because of the stopped contacts we where placed 7th in this our first open class competing against the more expeirienced dogs.

Agility class 1

The next class was AG1. Jiggy was awesome once again. Unfortunately she had one refusal because I signalled her to do a tight turn after a jump. I do not know if I make a week signal but I think this is just due to the fact that she is not that experienced yet. We had the 3rd fastest time and I think we would have won the class if the refusal had not been there. We where placed 6th of 32 participants.

Jumping Open

Jumping open was the worst run of the day. Again Jiggy had a refusal... This was totally my fault I kept both of my arms up at the same time! After that Jiggy knocked a bar down and I got a little confused because I was thinking about the previous faults. So 10 faults and a not so brilliant course. Despite that we had a refusal we had the 4th fastest time of 66 participants.

Jumping class 1

The last course of the day was jumping class 1. Jiggy had an awesome run once again but knocked one bar down, which was partly my fault... To bad... we where 3 seconds faster than the winner. We where placed 4th of 25 participants.

To sum it all up, I am really happy about Jiggy's development. I have looked throug the results from all of the competitions we have entered up until now and we have started 11 classes if we include the runs in DAL.

Here is what I found:

  • Only one disqualification
  • No broken start lines
  • No contact faults
  • She has never left a contact without a release cue
  • No faults on the weaves
  • No faults occcuring due to unknown obstacles

I think that is pretty well. Now we just need to keep the good work up and to get the extra routine so we hopefully will get that extra little something that will take us to the top.


Thank you Channie and Tine for a super trip... Looking forward to the next ;o)

Heidi Frederiksen // 08.02.10
hajdy339@yahoo.dk // www.hepdog.dk

Næsten som at være der selv... tak for god reportage - og hvor er det bare nogle flotte løb!!! I er seje!
Stort knus fra Heidi - og Yatzi.
Wednesday 03.02.2010
Trials and puppy plans

Wow... I have not been writing much here lately... But hopefully I will make up for it, as the first trial of the years is this weekend. We are going to Ribe and I am really excited about getting started again. Three months without any trials is to long ;o). The last couple of weeks we have been experiencing more snow than normally in Denmark, so it has not been possible to do any training... Hope training is not cancelled this evening. It is not funny going to a trial without having been able to practise two weeks before.


Although not much has happened on the training side since last I wrote, a lot has been going on. I have made some final decisions about my puppy plans. I think Jiggy will get in heat in June and then she will be mated - hopefully there will be cute puppies brought to this world late August early September. If Jiggy gets in heat before the first of May, I will wait for the next heat to mate her... Then the puppies will be born in the winter 2011.


Actually I have picked the father to the litter. He is a very talented agility dog, but I will wait just a little longer to reveal who he is. I am working on a page on this site with all the information you could wish for on this lovely guy. I already have a couple of reservations from abroad from some very talented agility handlers… This is really exciting. I hope to breed some wonderful agility and family dogs for you.


I think 2010 is going to be a very special year for me ;o)

Channie Ørsted // 03.02.10
channie@lazi.dk // www.lazi.dk

spændende med hvalpe...jeg er helt sikker på det bliver nogle kanon gode hunde. Jeg må jo pænt vente nogle år endnu
Heidi Frederiksen // 03.02.10
hajdy339@yahoo.dk // hepdog.dk

Cool :)
Yes 2010 will be an awsome year - I am sure!
Look forward to sharing the breeding experience closely with you.
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