Thursday 22.12.2011
New sponsor and news from Strafe, Zoya and Jazzie
I am proud to announce the name of my new sponsor. My new sponsor is I am very happy to have them as sponsors as it was the place where I allready bougth my dog food. Porcani is a small company run by the owners them self, they are very polite and I have always loved the shop, that has a small but good selection of quality things for you and your dog. Jiggy eats Orijen that is a kibble that is made from 80% meat products and 20% fruit and vegetables. Jiggy is not the best eater in the world bu she is quite happy with this kibble. She has been eating it for the last 1½ years and her puppies was brought up on it to. Jiggy has a great skin and shiny coat. They also sell BARF in the shop. 

News from my puppies:
Strafe - Strafe has entered his first trial and he was a star and did really well... See the videos at his own page.
Jazzie - Videos of running contact training and weave training at her page.
Zoya - New great pictures at Zoya's page

All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya

Gonçalo Caldeira // 23.12.11 //

Sunday 20.11.2011
Health results Zoya

Great news... Zoya has A-A hips, 0-0 elbows and she is OCD clear.

Zoya also won the local clubs championship for beginners. Congratulations ;o).

Wednesday 09.11.2011
New video with Strafe and health result on Jazzie

Wee... I just got the good news that Jazzie has A hips and 0 elbows... I am so happy.

Here is a new video of Strafe in agility training... He looks all grown up and he is doing great ;o)

Monday 24.10.2011
New video with Zoya

Zoya is doing some agility... Wow I am so proud of her ;o)

Tuesday 18.10.2011
New video with See Me and video from the audience at the WC 2011

See Me in agility practice - She is so good ;o)... I am proud.

A little funny video I have put together from some clips my sister filmed with her mobile phone at the world championships in Liévin. The quality is not very good, but is shows a little about how the exciement at a WC is. Don't miss my sister screaming at 3:50 ;o).

Thursday 13.10.2011
World championships 2011 Liévin. 2nd place individual agility Woop Woop.

This year Jiggy and I got to compete at our first ever world championship together. It was great and we accomplished more that I would ever have expected. I have been a spectator a few times and love the excitement in the arena and I was really looking forward to beeing the one who had to deliver in the center of the arena... Feel the rush.

Thursday we had our practise, I we were really sad to see that the artificial carpet was not good at all. I was woven in such a way that it was slippery in one direction and good in the other... The worst possible thing for the dogs to figure out how much grip they had. I was kind of nervous before training because I was afraid that Jiggy would get hurt. Jiggy is normally good on quite slippery carpet, but we have a carpet like this that is slippery in only one direction, and Jiggy does not do well on that, so I have stopped competing on that carpet. To my big relief Jiggy did really well in the practise and did not slip. I could feel that she could not accelerate quite like she is used to, but overall I was really happy. She was extremely well behaved and did everything just perfect at the training... Nice start to the WC.

Friday it was time for the opening ceremony and our first competition... The jumping run. The opening ceremoni was quite emotional for me. The music was big and sounded like we were taking part of something really big like the olympics or something. It was great to see so many supporters up early to cheer for us all. Jiggy loved the opening ceremony... Maybe a little to much ;o). I let her play and fool around the whole time, so she was actually quite tired afterwards.
In the first run I had to start as number 117... Great to have the possibility to get to see my teammates before myself and to see different handling on the course before my turn, but also a little to much time for me to get to worry about having made the right decisions about handling and getting nervous. My biggest fear was that Jiggy would get to over the top excited just when we got to the starting booth that it would influece our run, so I tried to just keep really calm and collected just before my run. It did not make it easier with Susan Garrett running just before me with a barking Encore crashing in to the wall. I just tried to ignore it and keep my focuse. 

I was really focused about doing things right and keeping calm, so I did not put any preassure on Jiggy. We did really good on this course that was kind of tricky, but not over the top. The only mistake was that Jiggy knocked the double jump. In the video I can see that she jumps a little to early to get over the jump. To bad... But I was super happy to get through the course at our first WC ever. Jiggy was perfect and did everything I told her to like allways.

Individual jumping course large dogs

At the same time I was really happy with our first run I kind of got a little mad a my self for not trysting Jiggy to handle her job on her own and for not giving it my absolute max. With any medal beeing out of the question by now I decided to try and run the best ever with maximum preassure in the agility run. I made my self a new motto.... I'm an angry warrior. I wanted to "beat the hell out" of that course! The agility course was really tricky, but I think in someways that is the best for me. I am better at focusing on a difficult course than on an easy one. I was really happy with my solution on how to handle the course, but I was a little unsure about the weave entry as it was excactly in the slippery direction. I stayed really calm in the weave entry to give Jiggy the time to adjust. She did slip a little bit, but managed to get it right. After that I gave it all we had. We had a great run and when we reached the finish line we were in 2nd place... WOW great... But there were still about 53 dogs to go... 53 og the best dogs in the world. I was really expecting to drop to a lower placement, but I was super super happy about my run, because at this point in time we can not do this any better! I was so cool to get a perfect run at the WC... That had been my biggest goal. I got to see quite a few off the last dogs and my time seemed to hold up... When someone had a better time, they also had a fault. I ended up keeping my 2nd place in the individual agility competition. How cool is that! That was so awesome. So many of the really good dogs made mistakes this year and our only mistake was one dropped bar. To top it off our combined time was faster than the gold medal winners, so if the bar had stayed up we would have been world champions. That was way more than I ever in my wildest dreams would have expected. Combined we ended up at the 20th place.

This is a result list than I an over the moon proud of:  

Results individual agility large dogs. WC 2011 Liévin France.

2nd place individual agility large dogs

Jiggy's family at the WC

Jiggy's sister Nala and mother Simic was also participating at the WC and they did a fantastic job. Poul and Nala had  fantastic run on the individual jumping course. They had the 5th fastest time... Wow that is amazing! Unfortunately they knocked the long jump. In the individual agility course they got a refusal, but had a great run other than that. They really showed that they have the potential to go all the way. Sarah and Simic was running in the team competition and they had two good blean runs... They were just super. It would have been fun to see them in the individual competition this year as the courses were the kind that is perfect for Sarah and Simic.  


In the end I would like to thank so many people. Sarah Lorentzen for making such a super dog for me and to be an inspirational trainer. Also thank for giving me moral support and for beeing full of extra energi to give to the rest of the national team. Thanks to my team mates for good company during the trip. Thanks to the large team for support and for our training in preparation for the WC. Thanks to all the Danish supporters that to the drive to France to cheer... It was great having you there. Thanks to my sister and her boyfriend that also took the drive just to see me. Thanks to my best friends Heidi and Tine for cheering for me... And Heidi for crying for like about an hour! Thanks to my mom and dad to watch my runs through live stream and to all the other Danes wathing from the comfort of their homes. And thanks for all the good words you have send to me after we have returned to Denmark. It was great ;o)    

The Danish world team 2011

Sunday 25.09.2011
Agility trial at Bornholm with my borrowed dog Mac

This weekend I participated in my first competition on Bornholm ever. The Danish large team was invited to stay with Vivian and Søren and Sarah and I wanted to come. I was supposed to run with both Jiggy and my friend Tine's dog Mac, but Jiggy broke a nail just shortly before, so she stayed at home with my sister.

Mac was just such a good boy to run with. Our goal was to run clean in the agility class 2, to earn his last leg in jumping class 2. Tine was so unfortunate earlier in the spring to get a clean fast run in jumping class 2, that would have earned her the first place and the last leg, but the time was written down wrong and we could not prove anything because we did not film the run ;o(. Luckily we had the clean run in the the jumping class two and won the class... Wee.

Our national team coach was the jugde at this event and we had asked him to make the class 3 courses kind of hard and maybe take some elements from the upcomming WC judges. It was really fun to get to run these classes, and I felt right at home. We also had a clean run in jumpers class 3 and got a second place after Sarah and Simic, that earned us a jumpers certificate. That was great and I was happy to give Tine her dog back with the good results in his book.

Vivian and Søren took very good care of us, and Søren an educated chef, so he made us 3 course meals every day. And it was so so so delicious! Thanks!!! Also a big thank you to Sarah for the good company theese days.

Someone took the picture in the top of this post of me and Mac and the picture won a competition in the local news paper... That is fun.

This weekend Jiggy's sister Queenie and Laila Carstensen participated this weekend in the Danish championships in DCH. Thay had a super weekend and ended up becomming Danish national champions. Huge congrats! Here is the video of the jumping run - Nice.

Laila and Queenie on their way to win the
Danish championships in DCH

Sunday 18.09.2011
Jiggy wins her 2nd agility certificate + CACIAG

Today I am both happy and sad. Tine and I took the drive to Viby in Jutland to compete. I was really looking forward to running at a normal Danish competition as we have been away for so many big things lately. In agility class 3 we got a funny misunderstnding. I made a tight turn toward an a-frame, but Jiggy did not see it so she ended up in the completely wrong direction and with gret confidence she took the weaves... The rest of the course was brilliant ;o). In the next run the agility class 3 we got a little bit of a rocky run. We made it clean but not in the best time. Luckily for me we had the fastest clean run so we won the class and also won the international agility certificate. This means that if Jiggy and I earn an international agility certificate in another country after a year has passed and if Jiggy gets a 2nd price at a show, she will be an international agility champion. That would be very cool.

The sad part was that when I took Jiggy out of the cage for the 3rd run, she was limping really bad. She had hit her one toenail very bad. I feel so bad for her. Just hope everything will be ok for the world championships.

The final for the "agility dog of the year" and "allround dog of the year", was held at this competition- It ended great. Jiggy's mother Simic became both agility dog of the year and allround dog of the year. Sister Nala was 2nd runner up. Congratulations to you both. 

Friday 16.09.2011
Health results on the first puppy

I have just gotten the first health result on one of my puppies from the A-litter. See Me has C-C hips, 0-0 elbows and is OCD free. I am really sad about the hip result as this was one of the last things I would have expected. I only know of one relative in Jiggy's family with hipdysplasia. Her sire Sid is the father of one puppy with C hips out of 19 photographed puppies. The rest have A or B hips. In Jiggy's litter they have A and B hips. Jiggy's mother is from a litter of 9 with 5 A hips and 1 B hip and 2 not tested. After the mating with Fetch there have appered a few cases of hip dysplasia. Fetch now, to my knowledge, have 26 puppies with good hips mostly A and 4 with hip dysplasia. 

Wednesday 07.09.2011
1 year update All Zet A litter

Weee... The puppies are 1 year old today. It is kind of strange to think that 1 year ago Heidi and I was delivering 7 sweet and crazy puppies. It feels like yesterday! They are all still doing super in their new homes and now when they are 1 year old they are starting to do more and more agilty stuff... Pretty exciting. Take a look on their pages to see a 1 year update.

See Me

Sunday 14.08.2011
Nordic championships 2011 in Finland

At the Nordic championships in Finland I was the reserve for the large team. All the runs at the nordic championships count to both the team competition and the individual competition, so I was not selected to be on the team, because Jiggy and I are not quite stabile yet. We can do very very well, but you can not count on a clean run from us... yet I hope ;o).

It was really cool to be in Finland as there was an international competition at the same time. The courses was tough and you had to have both great handling skills combined with great speed. We had some great runs but just seemed to be lacking that last bit to get us clean through the courses. It was kind of frustrating. But just as I was the most sad we made a terrific run... Nice. We ended up at the 8th place... Man they are so good in Finland.

As a reserve for the Danish Team I got to run as the white dog. That was really cool. Great to be a part of the competition but without the preassure of beeing on the actual team. In the first run I ran my but out... We got a great run but with two bars down... One because of me beeing a little to optimistic about a blindcross. We ended up with the fastest time in the class... That was so cool, just to know that the speed is ok for a competition on this level.

In the next run we did really well again, but got a refusal... Darn, I should hve been showing her where to go better. After the two first runs I was placed as best large Dane as the rest had one elimination each. As a reserve I did not get to run the final, but it was great to see the final. Love watching great agility. Janita Leinonen was super and won the nordic championships once again!   

Jiggy at the Nordic championships 2011 in Finland

Sunday 07.08.11
European Open and puppy update

Last weekend Jiggy and I together with Tine Larsen, Regin Reinhard and Yvnna Nielsen took the long drive to Austria to participate in the European Open.

Over all it was a good experience, but a lot of things could have made the experience better. Personally I did not have the best runs ever... I had one clean run in the team jumping where we had one wide turn that earned me a 38th place. Just a little more than 1½ second after number one! Phew... No place for waisting any time on a course! In the individual jumping course we had a pretty good run but with 2 bars down and a small refusal... The time would have placed us 8th. I think that is pretty good with a refusal included... But I would rather have a clean run ;o). None of the other Danish participants had any super brilliant runs. The dogs at EO are just super and you need to get a perfect run to be in the top.

The organization of the EO was not super. While watching small and medium individual finals we had no clue who was in the lead and when the classes ended they did not annouce the winner... Strange thing to be wathing such a big finale and not knowing who won. They took forever to build the courses for the finals, so the large final ended up being held in the dark in artificial light... in rain, from about 9 PM to 11.30 PM. Sad to say that I ended up going to bed instead of seeing the final.

The courses for the team finals was so super difficult and I must admit that the techniqual difficulty level was over the top... It was unlikely that any team could get 4 clean runs on those courses... But hurray for Finland and Team Decathlete's. They just about nailed that course and ended up being the highlight of European Open 2011. Enjoy their spetaculare runs in this video. Look at those independent weaves!!!

Puppy update

The puppies are 11 month old today... Wow time flies! Only one month untill they are old enough to be health examined... Exciting!

All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya
has been to her first show and got second price and a good critique from the judge. Read the critique on Zoya's page.
Tina has also uploaded a new jumping technique video and a trick video.

All Zet And See Me has had her first lesson in jumping technique... So cute see her page.

New picture of All Zet Air Attack Strafe... Wow he is good looking ;o)
Tuesday 26.07.11
Border Collie Classic and new collar

This year Border Collie Classic was held in Denmark... 10 minutes from my home. Nice! There where so many of Europes best dogs and handlers, so it was super exciting to see how we would do in competition against my idols in agility. Unfortunately the weather was not very good. It rained on and off for the entire weekend. What a shame!

Jiggy's first run was a clean one in jumpers. I was super happy and just wished to get a top 10 placement, that would get us a spot in the individual final. Our run was good, but I had no preasure on her at all, so I was afraid that it would not get the place in the final. To my surprise I ended up as 3rd in the class of 170 border collies! Wow! This is actually the placement that I am the most proud of ever.  

1. Helmut Paulik - Lane - Austria - 27,74
2. Niina-Liina Linna - Rei - Finland - 28,26
3. Jane Elene Christensen - Jiggy - Denmark - 28,51
4. Zeljko Gora - Tip - Croatia - 28,54
5. Niels Frederiksen - Uno - Denmark - 28,74
6. Niina-Liina Linna - Rhett - Finland - 29,10
7. Jenny Damm - Ina - Sweden - 29,15
8. Svetlana Tumanova - Ricky - Russia - 29,26
9. Ann Maertens - Emmy - Belgium - 29,46
10. Krisztina Kabai - Fleece - Germany - 29,48
11. Jenny Damm - Ogin - Sweden - 29,49
12. Anna Eifert - Nevian - Hungary - 29,82
13. Jörgen Tellqvist - Zac - Sweden - 29,85
14. Neja Trbizan - Lar - Slovenia - 29,89
15. Sergio Sousa - Misty Golden Girl - Portugal - 29,93

Number 5 in the class was Niels and Uno... Uno is Jiggy's brother. Way to go Niels.

To get a spot in the final you had to get a top 10 placement in one of the 6 qualification classes. All Jiggy's litter mates was entered in BCC and 4 of them got a spot in the final. That is just so awsome. Succes/Sarah, Nala/Poul, Uno/Niels and Jiggy and I got in the final. Laila and Queenie didn't start in the final, but there is no doubt that Queenie and Laila has the potentential to go to a final like this.

In the final Jiggy and I ended up getting an elimination... To bad as she really was really fast and did almost the whole course perfectly. Better luck next time. I was pleased with Jiggy's performance and i got to feel a little bit of the preasure that will come at the WC. I was not nervous at all, so that was cool. I saw the video of Jiggy's run at tried to take her time cutting out the mistake... The time would have gotten us the 2nd place. Love my puppy and is proud of my elimination, ha ha.  

The top 3 of BCC 2011 was:
1. Andrea Ochinni - Gió - Italy
2. André Mühlebach - Air - Switzerland
3. Krisztina Kabai - Fleece - Germany

Fleece is Fetch's litter mate and by that an aunt to Jiggy's first litter.

On Friday the club championships in the Danish Border Collie Club was held and Jiggy's sister Queenie and handler Laila Carstensen had a great day. They became club champions in both agility and rally obedience... Congratulations Laila... Super!

Next weekend it is time for going to the EO... Hope the weather will be better that Dania Cup and BCC. Looking forward to seeing even more good dogs in action. 

I have had the fortune of getting a new collar sponsored for Jiggy by the company Crystals by Wandsø. The collar is made of black leather and has little danish flags made of Swarowski stones in it. It is super COOL, and I am looking forward to using it at the big trials these next few month... EO, Nordic championships and the World Championships. The company makes costomized headbands for horses, belts, hair pieces and collars for dogs. Go check it out and design the collar of your dreams. Here is Jiggy showing of the new collar: 
crystals by wandsø
Monday 18.07.11
Jiggy won agility open at Dania Cup

Jiggy and I have just returned home from one whole week of agility. This is the first time I have ever taken part of a week trial, but certainly not the last. We had the luck that both WC judges (Rolf Graber and David Powel) was at the show. The courses was difficult, but it was possible to get some really cool runs if you could run and trust your dog. I did not get the results I had hoped for during the week, but I felt that both Jiggy and I had the potential to get some good runs on the difficult courses. I love running on those difficult courses.

The highlight of the week for me was that we won the open agility class with about 250 participants in it... We even had a small misunderstanding that may have cost us up to 1 second, so pretty cool to win in front of people like Greg Derret and Detox. We also had a good run in agility class 3. with a small misunderstanding again costing us around 1 second, we made it on to the 4th place of about 120 participants, very close to the best placed in the class.

Jiggy's sisters Succes and Nala made it into the final together with mommy Simic and Poul got a clean run with Nala which earned him the third place in a very competitive final, I must say! Congrats Poul!

Next weekend it is time for Border Collie Classic. This is going to be the best agility event on Danish ground up until now... There are so so many good dogs participating. See the list of competitors here: Even if you do not own a border collie you should definetly come... It will be big!!!

Thursday 08.07.11
New videos from See Me and Zoya

I am so proud of my puppies. See Me has learned a new trick. She blows bubbles in a bowl of water... Cute.Dorthe has also send me some videos from some tricks training and some puppy agility. Tina has been doing a little bit of puppy jumping with Zoya. She looks so much like Jiggy... fast on her feet ;o). I also found some new photo's of Tug that you can see in his album and Sharyl has send me some pictures of perfect puppy Wink ;o). Barb also send me photos of Flex. Last but not least, I have borrowed some photos of Strafe from Rosannes facebook profile - He has learned how to swim and he loves it and he even has he's own pool. Thanks guys ;o). The picture shows Flex ;o)

See Me

A couple of week ago we took this great picture of 4 generations. From the left:
Daugther: Zoya - All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya - 9 month old
Mother: Jiggy - Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit It - 3 years old - WC participant to be 2011
Grandmother: Simic - Asasara Attractive Thunderbird - 8 years old - World champion and participant '05-'11
Great grandmother: Frøken - Gawain's Miss Night Dancer - 10 years old - WC participant '10-'11

4 generations

Wednesday 30.06.2011
Jiggy and I made it on to the national team together with Jiggy's sister and mother

Wuuhuu... I am really happy to say that Jiggy and I have made it on to the national team. We are reserves for the nordic championships and we are going to run in the individual competition at the world championships. I had not expected this but I am really happy and looking forward to running in the big arena in France... It is going to be a huge experience.

Jiggy's sister Nala is also on the team and is going to run at the Nordic Championships and both team and individaul at the Wold Championships. Jiggy's mother Simic is on the team for the Nordic championships and she is also running at the team at the World Championships. Great family! I am so proud. 

Congratulations to all of the other super handlers from Denmark that have made the team. I am looking forward to have to super trips together with you.

Here is a link to the Danish teams homepage, where you can see who made it on the team... in Danish ;o)

Tuesday 14.06.2011
Jiggy won agility open and jumping open in Ribe

Jiggy and I have just returned from the competition in Ribe. Jiggy started out just super by winning the two first classes. She won both jumping open and agility open with more than 90 participants in the classes. Super! I the rest of the classes we did not have to much luck, but Jiggy was very nice to work with this weekend once again ;o). We earned our place in the final, but got eliminated. It was very nice and special to be a part of our first final. A good thing is that the winner "stayed in the family". Sarah Lorentzen did amazing at the finals and won the final with Jiggy's sister Succes and Sarah came in second with Jiggy's mom Simic... What a day. Congratulations Sarah!

Wednesday 08.06.2011
9 month updates from the Jiggy x Fetch puppies

See Me

Jiggy's family site is updated with health results + some agility videos.

The photo shows Wink and Flex from a reunion this winter. 

Saturday 04.06.2011
Jiggy won agility open and jumping open in Hillerød and seminar with Jaakko Souknuuti and Janita Leinonen

Last weekend Jiggy and I particitapated in the agility trial in Hillerød. After two not so good runs we got two clear runs, one in agility class open and one in jumping class open and we won both classes. Super Jiggy ;o). Unfortunately I did not get the runs on kamera. I am super happy with the jumping run. It was not a very difficult course, but I felt that we nailed it... We could not have done it any better, so it was super cool to win the class. No video, sorry.

This week Jiggy and I have also participated in a seminar with Jaakko Suoknuuti and Janita Leinonen. It was super great! It was a little confusing at first as you have to walk a course walk on a 30 obstacles course and there is difficult handling from start to end!!! It was super difficult to remember the course and to remember the handling in detail. On the second day I felt like I was getting more concentrated and got to some really good handling. The best thing is that Jiggy was the sweet heart that she always is, and she did everything I asked her to do ;o). I would love to attend a seminar with Janita and Jaakko again so hope to go to Finland next winter/Spring.

I have played a little with some video from the seminar.... Hope you like it ;o).

Sunday 15.05.2011
Jiggy won agility class 3 and got our first certificate

This weekend Jiggy and I participated in the trial in Hvalsø. I have not been running anything else than the class runs and I have been withdrawing Jiggy from the team and open classes last weekend, because I felt that she was a little of at the trail 14 days ago. Jiggy is back to normal now, but I withdrew her from the open classes this weekend to, just to be on the safe side.

We started in agility class 3... This was the first time we started in this class as we just moved from class 2 to class 3 last weekend. The course was kind of tricky... lots of pulling the dog in between obstacles, taking jumps from the back side, difficult tunnel entrance where you had to stay on the other side of the dog walk and 4 contact obstacles. Jiggy got a clean run, but she turned the wrong way after the long jump that cost us some time and I had to stop her on some of the contact obstacles so that I could get in place for the next handling maneuver, phew. Only two dogs got a clear run in this competition out of about 30 participants, so Jiggy and I ended up at first place getting us our first certificate. I have been doing agility for many years, but this is my first certificate ever, so this was a pretty special day.

I forgot to mention that last weekend I was so lucky to get to run Frøken (Jiggy's grandmother / Simic's mother) in competition. She was just a sweetheart and very easy to run and we won the open class for senior dogs. Thank you Lis for giving me this opportunity.

Wednesday 11.05.2011
Jiggy is now in both agility and jumping class 3 + LOTS of video links!!!

The photo shows Flex - 8 month old.

Ok... This blog post is going to be kind of large... A lot of super dogs from Jiggy's family and from Fetch's family have had some super runs on the agility course that I would like to share with you.

But first of all I would like to tell you about Jiggy's results this weekend. I only entered Jiggy in 3 classes this weekend. Jumping class 3 and agility class 2 Saturday and jumping class 3 on Sunday.

- Jumping class 3 Saturday: The course was really tricky, but I got a good flow in the course. We had the fastest time in the class, but Jiggy knocked down two bars.
- Agility class 2 Saturday: I really wanted to get this run clean, so I was a little to passive, so did not quite get the flow I wanted. I got the clear round I wanted and we got the 2nd. place... And more important the last leg in agility class 2, so now we are in both agility and jumping class 3.
- Jumping class 3 Sunday: This course was also kind of tricky. I lost orientation at one point and forgot to give Jiggy her turning cue before a tight turn... And then (stupid me) I said her turn tight command just as she was hanging in the air = 1 knocked bar. I think that we had the second fastest time in the class only beaten by Jiggy's lovely sister Nala.

I have not gotten my runs from the last few weekends taped, but a friend of mine filmed two of my runs from Oxie - Sweeden... Unfortunately not my clean run ;o)

Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit It

Jiggy's sister Nala - Border Treasure Amazing Jewel with her handler Poul Lerche have had some super runs this spring. Last weekend they earned the title Danish Agility Champion and this weekend they earned the title Danish Jumping Champion. On top of that Poul and Nala won a class 3 in Sweden this winter and the Danish Jumping title gave Nala the right to have the Sweedish Jumping Champion title as well. Super amazing. Congratulations Poul! This is the run that resulted in Nala becomming both Danish and Sweedish Jumping Champion. 

Border Treasure Amazing Jewel - Nala

Sarah Lorentzen has finally been able to start Succes' agility carrier (Jiggy's sister). 1½ years ago Succes - Border Treasure A True Succes broke a ligament in her rear leg when she was running and playing with some other dogs. They tried to insert an artificial ligament, but it kept on beeing inflamed, so after several operation the conclusion was to not put i the artificial ligament. Succes has been limping for I think more than a year, but finally it seems that she is starting to use her leg normally again, hurray! Because of the injury Sarah has not been able to give Succes the best start on her agility career, so Succes is super fast, but not always under the same kind of control that Sarah has with Simic ;o). There is no doubt that Succes has tons of potential. Here is a video of two good runs from the competiton in Oxie - Sweeden in the beginning of April. 

Border Treasure A True Succes - Succes

Jiggy's brother Uno - Border Treasure Air Force One, also has some good results this weekend. He got a certificate and he was second in one of the open classes... The class was won by Simic ;o). I have not seen the result lists yet, so maybe he had more good results. I do not have a video of him, sorry.

Simic - Asasara Attractive Thunderbird (Jiggy's mom) had lots of clean runs this weekend and won the open class... I have not seen the result lists, but I am sure that Simic got some good placements. Here is a video from the competition in the beginning of April in Sweden.

The world championship qualifications in Germany has been held and Fetch's litter sister Fleece - Fleece Granting Pleasure with handler Krisztina Kabai has qulified for the team. Krisztina and Fleece ran as "the white dog" in one of the classes at the WC 2010 and it was one of WC's best runs in my oppinion. Here is a video of a jumping run from the WC qualification this weekend. Enjoy!

Fetch's litter sister Fame also did good at the German WC tryouts, but did not qualify for the team... Here is a video of a really good run:
Johannes Voran - Fame - Fluffy Fame Granting Pleasure:

Fetch's sister Blizz also had some good runs without making it on the team, but take a look at this good run.
Carsten Zimmat - Blizz - Bet Granting Pleasure

Fetch's halfbrother Chilli with handler Larissa Fiedler had some super runs but did not have the luck to get on the German team for the WC.
Larissa Fiedler - Chilli - Chilli of Austrian Starlight

Fetch's Offspring

Wednesday 04.05.11
Jiggy won agility class 2 in Oxie and jumping class 2 in Albertslund. Seminar with Zeljko Gora + lots of updates from the puppies.

14 days ago Jiggy and I competed in Oxie - Sweden. The trial in Oxie is very big and have lots of good handlers participating. This year the courses where quite difficult. In one of the open classes 83 of the 103 participants got eliminated. We got a clear run in agility class 2 and won the class. In the other runs we got either eliminated or got faults mostly because I was standing in Jiggy's way.  

Last Thursday and Friday we participated in a seminar with Zeljko Gora. Zeljko focused much on tight turns. Jiggy has a natural talent for turning tight, but I found out that we could do even better. I think that Jiggy's tight turns have slipped a little as we have entered more and more competitions and I have been concentrating more on the flow i our runs. At the end of the seminar Jiggy and I had some very cool runs I think. Thanks for two great days Zeljko.

Zeljko also brought his young dog Mawlch Tip who is sired by Fetch Granting pleasure that is also the sire to Jiggy's first litter. Tip was very outgoing to both people and other dogs. He liked to get a cuddle and play with his ball and then he was very fast and agile on the course. Really a cutie!

Last weekend Jiggy and I participated in a trial in Albertslund. Jiggy felt a little off... I think she was tired from two days of agility seminar. The first day only minor mistakes kept us from getting perfect runs, but we got a clear round in jumping class 2 and we moved to class 3, yes, yes, yes. This was my goal for this spring. We got to participate in jumping class 3 at the trial as well. We did not get a clean run, but I think Jiggy really well anyways. In the first class 3 run Jiggy knocked the double jump... Ups! I have not been training that and Jiggy just took off and started running in the air and did not know what to do. She knocked one more bar as I accelerated just when she was in the air. But... We got the fastest time in the class. I know that Jiggy is fast, but it is great to see that she can keep up with the best dogs in Denmark when it comes to speed. It has been more than 10 years since I participated in class 3 so this is a big thing for me. Sunday Jiggy was even more off than Saturday, so no good results that day. She felt sore when we got home, so I have been giving her daily massages and then I am not going to do any training with her this week. I hope she will be good and ready for next weekend. I think I will consider not participating in full days of seminar just before a trial with many runs again.

Lots of updates from the puppies:
See Me

Tuesday 19.04.11
Jiggy got 2nd place in jumping open in Sweden

This weekend Tine and I took the long journey to Nybro in Sweden. The weather was perfect and I got a little to much sun in my face, ups. Jiggy had a good day... Some highlights and some stupid mistakes. The first run was jumping class 2. I didn't really get the feel for the course and Jiggy ended up knocking 3 bars down... and I don't have a clue why... I just think I was sloppy or something. We had the fastest time in the class. In agility class 2 we had a super run and the fastest time with 5 seconds down to the winner. Unfortunately Jiggy knocked down the very last bar, argh! We ended up in 4th place. In the last run, the open jumping class, we got a clear round and got the 2nd place even though we lost at least one second because I was a lazy handler, not showing my dog the way to go. Once again I have the feeling that it is just the last little bit of luck I need to get super results, and I feel that Jiggy is such a sweetheart to run, because she does everything I ask her to do. Here you can see the last 2 runs.  

I was also lucky to see See Me doing some puppy tricks training and I brought my video camera, so you could see her. Dorthe and See Me did good and won in the weekly challenge that this week was doing 5 different tricks with one thing.

Heidi Frederiksen // 23.04.11 //

Nice runs!! You better promise me not to be lazy when you run at the World Championsship ;)

Tuesday 05.04.11
Competition in Ribe. Jiggy won agility class 2.

Sunday Tine, Heidi and I and our dogs drove to Ribe for this years first outdoor agility trial. It was a pleasure to participate in the competition, as everything is organized perfectly.

Jiggy was a sweetheart. All the corses on the day was not very difficult and most of the "handling" was more or less just to run like mad. That is actually not Jiggy's strong side, but she did good.

- In the first agility class 2 we had a great run, but one bar hit the ground. 
- In the next agility class 2 we had a clean run and won the class. Yeah ;o)
- In jumping class 2 we had a minor misunderstanding resulting in a refusal and Jiggy also knocked one bar.
- We got a great fast run in the last jumping class 2... The fastest time, but one bar hit the ground - Bummer! 

Overall am I really pleased with Jiggy. She is just so easy to run with, because she always tries so hard to do everything right. Below you can see all 4 runs from the day:

Heidi and Tine also had a great day. Heidi got a second place in agility class 1 and moved to class 2 where she got a qualifying leg as well... Weeee. Tine got a second place and a qualifying leg in jumping class 2 with a great run. Congratulations.

Last weekend Flex and Wink had a reunion once again and Sharyl send me this cute video of the two ;o)
See Me - Two new training videoes and one new picture.
Zoya - New picture
Monday 28.03.11
Puppy training videos

See Me
- Puppy training video and new pictures in her album

- Rolling around on a stink bug

Zoya - Training video

Strafe - 2 Training videos

Wink - New photos in her album
The picture shows Wink

Saturday 12.03.11
News from Tug, Strafe and See Me

Greeting from Tug on his site and new video of Strafe and See Me.

The picture shows See Me.

Wednesday 09.03.11
6 month update from all the puppies

Go to the puppy page to see updates from all the puppies ;o)



Monday 07.03.11
6 month b-day

Time flies... The puppies are 6 month old today. The puppies are still doing well in their new homes. Yesterday I got to talk to Barb on Skype and saw Flex live for the first time since November... He looks great and still gives the best kisses like his mom ;o).

To sum up the poll I made about smooth vs. rough coat I am happy to say that most voters in the end was more interested in the dog than in the coat length... 77 % to be precise. A thing that actually surprised me is that just a little more than half of the voters would prefer the smooth coat if they could choose. That surprises me because many people have commented on me using Fetch as a stud dog, saying that they would never choose a smooth coated dog. From the poll I can see that people actually are more open minded than I thought... Great. I truely believe that a great dog has no coat length or color!  


Which coat length do you like the best?
It does not matter, I like them all 23% (7)
Rough coated 10% (3)
Smooth coated 17% (5)
It does not really matter, but I like the rough coated 23% (7)
It does not really mater, but I like the smooth coated 27% (8)


See Me



Monday 28.02.11

Zoya's first time swimming

Sunday 27.02.11
Jiggy wins jumping class 2

Yesterday Jiggy and I participated in the agility trial i Vallensbæk. Jiggy was a sweetheart and did everything I asked her to do. In Jumping class 2 we got a clear round and won the class of about 26 participants. Nice to get that feeling again ;o).

In agility class 2 we had the slightest misunderstanding and we got eliminated, but I was very very pleased with the run anyways. Jiggy is my superstar ;o)

Jiggy's family also did a fantastic job at the trial. Simic won all 4 class 3 competitions and Jiggy's brother Uno won a "just for fun class" as the fastest dog without faults. I Have not seen the result lists for the class 3 classes, so I do not know how Jiggy's sister Nala and Uno was doing in those classes.

Sunday 20.02.11
Update on the puppy sites

Lots of new pictures and videos on the puppy sites.

The picture on the left shows Flex mr. perfect ;)

Saturday 19.02.11
Show and agility competition

I have found a way to make a poll, and thought it would be funny to make a poll. Because I choose a smooth coated sire for my first litter many people tell me what they think about smooth coated border collies. In Denmark they are not quite accepted yet. It is no secret that my own vote goes the answer: It does not matter... I like them both. I would love to have a smooth coated border collie, but in the end it is all about health and working abilities and not the looks for me. Please make a vote ;o) 

Today Jiggy participated in the show ring at the Danish Border Collie Club's show. I just entered Jiggy for fun as there are not too many dog related things going on in the winter. Jiggy was very sweet and she was very good at standing still and to run without getting too excited. I was very surprised and happy to receive "excellent"... Wow... Super duper. We were 4th in the class and the 3 dogs in front of Jiggy were dogs of show lines. I am very proud of my girl.

See the description of Jiggy from the show here.

We have also been to two agility competitions size last time. The first one was 3 weeks ago and Tine and I drove 600 km up north in Sweden. This was Jiggy's first competition since the beginning of June (almost 7 month ago!). And because of the snow and ice I had not been able to train properly before... So this was also the first time that Jiggy jumped full height since June. I was really unsure if it was the best idea to go, but I had been looking so much forward to this trial, so I decided to go and stop if I felt that Jiggy was struggling with the height.

In the first run I was too laid back and did not take any control and Jiggy was totally happy and crazy, so we were eliminated. In the second run Jiggy followed my every move all the time except once where she took an extra jump, that was set up so it was very to take it. So again an elimination, but I felt that Jiggy and I was back in sync again. The third run was great again, but Jiggy knocked two bars. We had the fastest time with more than one second. The last run Jiggy knocked one bar and we had a little misunderstanding about a turn, but again we had the fastest time with more than one second. Over all I was very happy to have three out of four runs where I felt that Jiggy was paying attention and doing her best.

You can see the first, third and fourth run here:

I was also in Ribe at an agility trial, but I choose to withdraw Jiggy from the rest of the days after taking only five obstacles... The carpet was so slippery and Jiggy fell and smacked her face in the floor. Jiggy is usually quite ok with running on carpet, but this carpet is different, so I did not want to take the risk of Jiggy getting injured.

One good thing about going to Ribe was that I got to see puppy Zoya. She was really happy to see me... But she is happy to see all people so why shouldn't she be happy to see me ;). Thank you Tina for making lovely dinner for me and Tine. It was great to spend time with you and to get to see Zoya again;).

Monday 17.01.11
New pictures of the puppies in their new homes

New pictures of Zoya, Strafe, See Me and Flex


This picture shows Flex on the sled that is the reason that Flex got his name. This sled is called a Flexible flyer... Just like Flex ;o)

Saturday 08.01.11
Sister Nala wins Jumping 3 at MY DOG in Sweden. Update on all the puppy pages. MDR1 result on Flex.

Yeah. Just got the news that Poul and Nala won jumping class 3 at the very big competition MY DOG in Sweden. And on top of that number two in the competition was Jenny Damm with Ina and they were 1½ seconds slower than Poul and Nala. It is just so cool!!! Know they just need to become Danish jumping champion and then they will also be Swedish jumping champion. Yesterday Poul was just inches away from earning the Swedish agility champion title as well, but Nala knocked a bar... To bad. It is just amazing how things are going for Poul and Nala!


All the puppy pages are updated - Lots of new stuf - Stories, pictures and videoes! I have received greetings from all the puppies. Everything is going great and all the new owners are very happy about how fast the puppies learn new things... So nice to hear. The only thing is that some of the puppies have a very strong herding instinct and are starting get a taste for herding cars.


Flex has been tested normal for the MRD1 gene defect. Great news ;o)


The picture shows Jazzie in her new home.

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