Do It gave birth to 9 puppies 3 days before expected. Her temperature dropped in the middle of the day on the 8th of September, so I thought she would give birth in the night or the day after, but she waited until the night after. Everything went well during the birth, but she kept long break between the puppies, so from the first to the last puppy it took 10 hours. It was exhausting. She kept a break of 4 hours at one point... so I got worried. I read that it is possible to stimulate contraction, so I tried the method and it worked really fantastic... and the last 2 puppies were out in half an hour.

To our big surprise Do It had 2 blue puppies. I knew that Do It carries the dilute gene, but it was a surprice to both me and Hash's owner Ola that Hash carries it. There were also two brown puppies. Do It also played a prank on us since she gave birth to 4 boys first... We were starting to think if she would give any girls... but then the last 5 puppies turned out to be girls. That was the amount of boys and girls of my dreams. 

Do It is a natural when it comes to beeing a mother. She was quite calm through out the whole thing. It seems there is milk enough for all puppies, as they seem quite happy from the beginning.
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