The puppies actually keeps beeing sweet. They are more and more active and they can all be crazy at times, but they are extremely lovable. You can still sit in the puppy pen with them without them eating you completely, and they really love to hug and hag out on your lap. They all come running if I call them and they are so happy to see me in the morning. 

They are more or less housebroken. They pee on the grass if the door is not open or otherwise they go outside. Only during the night they are not able to wait... even though I get up at let them out.

We were on our first drives and first visit to the Chiropractor. The puppies enjoyed that a lot. 
One bad news though. Storm started limping, and we found out he has a broken toe. Poor guy. The vet recommended not to do anything... we will let him play with his littermates as much as he wants. He only limped for 2 or 3 days and after that people would not notice anything, so I think he will be completely fine.

Hash's owner Ola and his breeder Joanna took the trip to visit and that was really nice. Joanna took some very ice pictures of the puppies together with Do It. Thank you a lot both of you. 

They have also been out to run free on new places, and everyone was very brave.
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