Dizzy x Chip - December 2017

Expected: December 2017
Dam: The Charmed Ones' Do It Dizzy
Sire: All Zet Chip In For The Win

Do It

This litter will combine some very talented agility pedigrees. Do It's father, Sylvain Of Nagata House Jp, has been on the Japanese Agility World Team several times. He has some very talented family in agility and some really good offspring as well. Several of his offspring has competed at the AWC and we will se more in the future I am sure. His puppies who have been competing at the AWC are Pavol Vakonic's Shadow Of Aire Iris Ikea who won the individual jumping and won the silver in the combined competition at the AWC in 2015. Also some of the amazing dogs from Japan are his offspring like June Lazy Of House Ujin JPTaro Of Memes Cradle Jp "Konann", Thomas Of Red Inapy JP "Ryo".

Do It's mother is from kennel Darleyfalls in England. The siblings from Do It's mother is among the most winning dogs in England. Do It's aunt Darleyfalls Dark Secret (Kizzy) and her uncle Darleyfalls Mr. Boss Man has been at the world championships as well . Do It's mother's siblings has been representing the Darleyfalls at all major events in England like WAO, Crufts, Oplympia etc.
Read all about Do It here.


Hash is from a litter between Sienna Alchera and Eiri Greme Moss. The combination was made twice and the 14 puppies from the two litters are extremely talented in agility. They are fast, flexible, good size and structure. It is even hard to tell them apart. Hash are like his siblings extremely talented. Eiri Greme Moss is a hearding dog, but has been used quite a lot for breeding dogs for agility, and he gives really good jumping abilities. A lot of dogs in this line are still young in agility, but I am sure we will see a lot of them at a very high level within the next few years. Hash has his own page here with lots of information and videos of family.


My guees is that this combination will produce high drive Border Collies, with a super jumping style and phenomenal talent for agility. Theese puppies will be high drive and only suitable for owners who are experienced with very powerful, driven dogs, but also ready for a softer personality.

Puppies will be 75% black and white and 25% brown. 75% will have smooth coats and 25 % will be rough. Puppies will be CEA, TNS, CL and IGS normal by parents. Do It is also tested clear of MH and MDR1.


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