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01.06.2011 Agility seminar with Jaakko and Janita

Albertslund 25/04-10 jumping class open. A clear and fast round and the winner of the class with about 80 participants.

Albertslund 24/04-10. Agility class 1. A clear round and the 1st price winner.

Ribe 07/02-10 Agility open. Clear round with great contacts.

VAS 31/10-09 Jumping class 1. 1st price

First competition with Jiggy - 5 faults (fastest time)

First competition with Jiggy - 1st price

Agility training with Sarah Lorentzen on a summer day in August 2009

Jiggy 2x2 weaving day 10 - full set of weaves for the first time
Jiggy 2x2 weaving day 4
Jiggy 2x2 weaving day 3
Jiggy training her 2on/2off contacts 1 year old
Jiggy training her 2on/2off contacts 10 month old
Yatzi (Asasara Du Er Yeeha) and Jiggy playing in the livingroom. Jiggy is 10 month old.

Jiggy (10 weeks old) running through the chute

Jiggy (9 weeks old) playing with Labrador Louis (10 month old)


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