Kennel All Zet

The kennel is named All Zet because it describes the kind of dogs I wish to breed - Dogs who are all set and ready to work in any dog sports. My main purpose with my breeding is to breed top agility dogs. Any dogs used in breeding will be healthy, have good temperament and have shown good results in agility or have a pedigree with outstanding agility results in it. The dog of my dreams has power, brain and a good temperament.

The puppies will be raised in the house with easy access to my garden. I will socialise the puppies - let them meet other dogs, people, children and let them experience weird noises, go for rides in the car, go for walks on the beach or in the forrest and go for walks on leash. At the same time letting them get the peace and quit they need to become great pets.

One of my biggest goals is also to get the puppies in to good homes who will take care of their daily needs and who will use the dog in any dog sports, but again my focus is maily agility. As my goal is to breed high-level sports dogs, I do not wish to sell a puppy to a home that will not use its skills. Through a dialog with you I will try to do my best in finding the best puppy for you. When the puppies are born I will have to ask for a deposit, ensuring both you and I that we have an agreement.

9th of September 2017
All Zet D litter
7th of December 2014
All Zet C litter
7th of September 2010
All Zet A litter

What do you get?

  • Follow your puppy on web cam
  • The puppies will be Early Neurological Stimulated
  • Get acquainted with clicker training

  • I will play sound CD's for the puppies

  • They will be feed top quality food + raw meat and bones
  • They will be wormed 4 times
  • They will be chipped
  • Vaccinated at 7 weeks of age
  • Get a puppy test
  • Have their eyes examined - ECVO attest
  • Registered in Danish Kennel Club and Danish Dog Register
  • Have a Passport
  • Health certificate

You get this when you pick up your puppy

  • Blanket with the scent of the mother and old home
  • 0,5 kg puppy food
  • Pictures from the puppies' time in the kennel - Bring a USB

Live stream

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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