DKSPCH DKAGCH Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit It

Pedigree name:

Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit It



Date of birth:



Kennel Border Treasure, Sarah Lorentzen


48 cm - 19"


14 kg - 31 lbs








Clear as a puppy and adult


DNA normal


DNA normal


DNA normal

Jiggy is my lovely border collie, and she came in to my life as an eight weeks old puppy in May 2008. We compete in agilty class 3 together. Our biggest achievement up untill now is competing at the agility world championships 2011 in Liévin coming 2nd in the individual agility run.

Jiggy is a really easy dog to live with. She is calm at home, but still playful and loves to get me up and going for some training or playing. She is nice towards other dogs, as she often will lay flat on the ground, when she meets new dogs to let them know, that she is just a little dog, who is not looking for any kind of trouble. When she gets to know other dogs (she does this quickly) she likes to play with them, if they are not to big and rough with her. Jiggy loves all people. I must say, that she is not very well behaved... She jumps up at everyone she meets to give them kisses. It's kind of hard making her well behaved on this one, because almost everyone loves it, and gives her a lot of attention, when she does it (shame on me).

Jiggy is also easy to work with. I think she is the cleverest dog I have ever had. She learns very quickly. When she is introduced to a new trick, she gets all thoughtful... She tries to figure the trick out but does not stress over the challenge. That makes it really easy to reward at exactly the right moment. When she knows what to do, she puts on even more speed. In agility training she has lots of power and always tries to do her best and go as fast as she can. She is very good at keeping her head together on difficult things for instance in the first year of competition we have never had a broken startline or missed contact. She has only missed 2 weave entries the first year as well. Jiggy loves watching agility and gets really excited and shakes her toy. I really love the way her temperament has turned out to be and Jiggy is a very special dog to me.

Picking my puppy/Jiggy's amazing family

When I first started looking for a puppy, my first priority was a good temperament, secondly a good health and thirdly talent for agility. One of my favorite dogs is "Frøken" (Gawain's Miss Night Dancer). Frøken has the sweetest temperament towards other dogs, she learns without being stressed, and she has a very good HD index. Frøken is also very good at agility, and she is an international agility champion and several times Danish national agility team member. Frøken has had one litters sired by Asphagens Don, who where on the Swedish national agility team for several years. Sadly these puppies where either carriers of affected by CEA, and as the CEA DNA test wasn't invented yet, Frøken was neutralized. But Frøken's puppies would soon prove their quality... In this one litter there are several obedience champions, agility champions, one show champion, one HTM champion and one rally champion. The most remarkable result of any of Frøken's offspring's is Simic (Asasara Attractive Thunderbird) who in 2006 became AGILITY WORLD CHAMPION. Simic also has the same good temperament as Frøken... At home she just blends right in, not making much notice of herself other than wanting to be cudled all the time and she learns without stress. Simic also has A hips, so I was very exited, when I got the chance to get a puppy from Simic. I didn't know much about the dog that Sarah picked as the sire, Akersborg Sid, but he is a great herding dog out of well known lines, and he is the father of quite a lot of puppies from quite a lot of different countries, so he couldn't be half bad ;o). Sid became Austrian champion in herding class 1 in 2006, Austrian champion herding class 2 in 2007 and Austrian vice champion class 3 in 2008.

Simic got 5 puppies, 4 girls and one boy. I visited Sarah every week and got to know the puppies very well. All the puppies had a lot of energy, they where self-confident and curious, but one of the puppies caught my attention... That was Jiggy. When the puppies where 6 weeks old, it was decided which one should become mine... And I was really happy that the decision was that my favorite puppy was going to be mine.

The name

Jiggy is named after a "Will Smith" song called "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". I heard the song one morning while driving to work, and I thought that Jiggy was a really funny and positive name. Here is a link to the song on youtube: I just had one problem... The breeder wanted the pedigree name to start with an A, and after a lot of thinking, I came up with the solution: She was going to be called "Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit It".

Plans for the future

My biggest goal is that Jiggy is going to do well in agility. I hope that she will become an agility champion and maybe even more than that. In Jiggy's first agility season she won a couple of the big open classes with up to almost 90 competitors. In 2011 we participated in the agility world championships and came in second in the individual agility competition and ended up 20th overall. I am very proud of Jiggy and hope that we can develope even more together in the future.

Jiggy has had a litter in the autum of 2010 with Fetch Granting Pleasure and they are all doing great.

In the video below you can see our run from the individual agility competition at the world championships 2011 that earned us a 2nd place.

Jiggy's Pedigree


Akersborg Sid

ISDS 284230

HD:B (A in Germany)

Bwlch Hemp

ISDS 257673



ISDS 214439

Moel Eira

ISDS 238633 HD: 0/0


N 18807/03


Deveron Bill

ISDS 249558


N 22190/97 HD:A


Asasara Attractive Thunderbird




Asphagens Don

REGV 1465/97




REGV 1271/96 HD:B

Vallpr. LP1

Kongahälla Kelly

REGV 1581/94 HD:B


Gawain’s Miss Night Dancer




Head Over Heels Indy

09899/94 HD:A


Gawain’s Wild Windy Lady

05120/97 HD:A

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