Date of birth:



3/4 border collie 1/4 Faeroese sheep dog


Jane Elene Christensen


Susanne Christensen


58 cm


22 kg

Bailey is Rikki's son and I have bred him my self. My sister Susanne owns him, but I have trained agility with him since he was 1½ years old. He is one of the nicest dogs I know. He never comes in to any confrontation with other dogs, at home he just blends right in, and in training he gives 200 %. The only problem I have ever had with him is, that he wants to do everything I ask for, and he wants to to it really, really fast. In agility it results in many bars being knocked down. He has really god contacts and knows a lot a technical stuff, but when we put it all together in one course, he just can't handle it. I have learned a lot by handling him because he reacts on the slightest movement from me, and that have made me aware of my body language. Although we haven't had any results in competition, I have always loved working with him, because he loves to work with me. Bailey was retired from agility at the age of 10 due to some arthritis in a toe. Bailey was put to sleep at the age of 12 ½ because of his increasing pain from athritis. Thanks you for beeing a part of my life Bailey. You have tought me so much.

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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