Date of birth:

10.03.1994 - 09.02.2009


1/2 border collie 1/2 Faroese sheep dog


Jane Elene Christensen


51 cm


18 kg

Rikki came in to my life when I was 14 years old. My mom and I was looking for a dog... German Shepard/Labrador mix, but fortunately I was on a camp with my school and not far from the cabin, there was a little house that had a litter of 5 weeks old puppies. I just thought they where adorable, and called my mom, to ask if we could have one of those. At the time we didn't know anything about border collies or sheepdogs at all, but we bought the puppy, because she was cute. Maybe not the best reason to by a dog, but it turned out to be a really good decision.

Rikki and I started at puppy class, and although I had never trained a dog, she did ok, but it never was Rikki or my favourite "game". When Rikki was 1½ years old I saw some pictures at the vet, showing some dogs running agility. I saw that I knew some of the people on the pictures... They walked their dogs the same place as I did. So the next time I saw them, I got the information on the club, and I started right away.

Rikki was a really nice agility dog for a beginner. She almost always got a clear round and the time was ok. We managed to become club champion 3 times (all the times we participated). At the Sealandic championships (DGI) we won the silver medal. When Rikki was 5 years old we started competing under the Danish Kennel Club and we made it into Class 3 in both jumpers and standard.

In 1999 Rikki had a litter of 5 puppies sired by a Border Collie named Lucas. There were 3 girls and 2 boys. 3 of them had classical Border Collie markings and 2 of them were as dark as Rikki. My sister kept one of the puppies, Bailey, and I started doing agility with him when he was 1½ years old, and did that for 8 years until he got arthritis in some toes... Probably due to the fact that he did not take very good care of him self on the agility course. I still se a couple of the puppies from time to time.

Rikki was a really nice dog. She had a very good temperament and had no aggression at all towards other dogs or people. I really miss her.

Jane Elene Christensen · Ibsensvej 59 · 2630 Taastrup · Denmark · +45 24 23 75 95 ·
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